About D4G

The Meeting Room For Gamers And Developers

D4Gameplay is like no other gaming blog. While we love to report on the latest gaming news and write our own game previews and reviews, we’re a gaming community at heart. D4Gameplay was set-up to unite gamers with games developers. That was, and will always be our purpose.

D4Gameplay specialise in taking gamers feedback and putting it to the developers. We want your feedback to mean something and to take effect on the games industries future. Without keen gamers, the games industry would be nothing. Help us to guide games developers to create, maintain and enhance the games you love!

Remember, early feedback is the most useful feedback. It’s useless pointing out new gameplay mechanics or level design to a developer that’s months away from releasing their title, (too much time and money would have gone into the project to change anything at such a late point) so get posting on D4Gameplay and let the developers know what you think about their newly announced or unannounced projects, so there’s plenty of time for your comments to sink-in and make a difference!

Thanks for reading. Now get posting your feedback!