The amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends, may be a highly addictive 3D turn-based RPG, but it’s also one (if not, THE) most expensive IAP games on iphone and Android. Commanding up to £64.99 for just one guaranteed character (that you’ll still have to level-up from scratch) is hard to grasp, but believe it or not…there are many gamers paying it!

Level Caps in TMNT: Legends

There are two types of players. 1) Hardcore RPG grinders (like myself) and 2) Casual gamers who hunt for cheat codes, from the get-go. The latter are those who are more likely to spend big bucks from the beginning. However, if you like to get the most out of such an RPG, but still wish to sensibly support the developers (see our guide), you’ll notice a huge brick wall that prevents you from progressing mid-game.

Watch out for the mushroom men…they’ll cost you a fortune!

Once you hit chapter 4, you’ll be introduced to the mushrooms. These cheating little buggers, look like jellyfish and will not only enjoy kicking your butt with dual attacks, but will boost their teams dodge and defence with every turn! Up to this point, you probably thought you had the game sussed, right? You put anything from £3-15 in to support the developers, you ground like a mother to get your team from two stars to three (level 25-35) but you’re still getting your ass kicked and you haven’t even grind-unlocked Donatello, yet!


Donatello in action…but will you pay to get him or grind?

Now, it’s painfully obvious that Chapter 4 is the money-maker for Ludia. But if you’ve spent anywhere from £5-15 to help you get this far, is it right to STILL aggressively nudge the player to spend more money to progress? Especially, when character card packs are so overpriced for what you’ll actually receive?

TMNT: Legends – Card Packs

Don’t get us wrong, here. We love TMNT: Legends but we just can not recommend the card packs on offer. Not only could you buy a full retail priced Xbox One or PS4 game for some of them, they’ll only guarantee you ONE character…which you’ll still have to level-up with shed-loads of mutagen!


C’mon Ludia…£64.99 for one character? Really?

Here are two scenarios. One would mean Ludia handing out free content (the easiest for them) and the other, meaning heavy refunds to those who already purchased card packs:

Scenario 1: (free content)

This scenario would mean Ludia keeping the prices the same, but just offering MUCH more content to justify the price (as well as compensating those who already paid, with the extra content). What do you think the Brave, Heroic and Legendary packs should offer? Hit the comments below!

Scenario 2:(refunds)

If Ludia took the harder path of refunding, what price would you like to see Brave, Heroic and Legendary packs? Let us know via the comments below!


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