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D4G posted a throwback on the very first leaks of the original Resident Evil 2 game build (back in June 2018). Now referred to as Resident Evil 1.5, this was Capcom’s first attempt at developing the RE2 we know and love today.
However, after about 60% into the games development, Capcom completely scrapped the build and started over.

You can also check out just why Capcom made this decision as well as all major differences, by reading the original Resident Evil 1.5 reveal post).

residence of evil re1.5 stream
Residence of Evil streamed the 2022 RE 1.5 build. The same modders have also created other cool playable builds based on RE 1.5, so stick with these guys to enjoy much more on that.

Since the 1.5 build’s original exposure via gaming press (back in December 1997), the build has been leaked online but only allowing snippets of the build to be played (even requiring a room select menu). The real exciting news is that talented modders (we believe to be a calibration between DarkBiohazard, Team IGAS and Loboto3) have worked piecing this build together, creating a fully playable and enjoyable experience for fans.

Youtubers – Residence of Evil (pictured above), streamed a full playthrough of the 2022 build of Resident Evil 1.5. Check out their long stream as they experience the original RE2 build, complete with cool damage detail, new kick-ass weapons and hard-as-nails zombies!

Check back for more on Residence of Evil, as well as their updated RE 1.5 playthroughs.