We recently posted an article on how Android mobile phones are becoming a superb platform for classic and new RPG games. Not only is this thanks to GBA, SNES and Mega Drive emulator creators, but this is also thanks to the incredible PlayStation emulators now available for Android mobiles.

If you own a relatively newer smart phone with a more reliable 1GHz processor, you can enjoy quite a few PlayStation classics on your phone! Just like the GBA emulators we wrote about last, these PSX emulators cost a small amount to download (and it’s worth the £3 or £4 for the work that goes into them) but the games a free (ROMS). You may have noticed that we said you could enjoy “quite a few” classic PlayStation games? This is due to the emulators performance on some Android handsets. You see, emulators, games and apps are much more difficult to develop for an Android phone due to the sheer amount of Android handsets on the market. Put simply…it’s impossible to test these apps for every handset and rather than simply develop and test for an iPhone, devs pretty much have to do their best and prey these emulators perform reasonably across multiple Android platforms.

android smartphones

Android smart phones just got more interesting...but there's allot of the buggers!


No longer on the Android Market (due to copyright disputes over the “PSX” in its name) the PSX4Droid emulator was THE emulator to get for your Android phone. PSX4Droid could run Final Fantasy 7 perfectly and could also run (but with a list of bugs and other performance issues) Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9 and even Chrono Cross. There were quite a few other games this baby could run but customers got frustrated when its developer continued to charge for updates. Paying for something is understandable, but having to pay again and again for an updated that would improve a single games performance (if you were lucky) just wasn’t right. In fact…if you weren’t careful you may have found yourself paying for the price of PSX and a game!

Many gamers bit their tongues, but when PSX4Droid was set upon by Sony for copyright laws, they started posting how they really felt (ouch!). After PS4Droid got pulled from the Android Market, the developer (Zodttd) continued to release the emulator for FREE via his PXS4Droid official website. Check it out as the emulator is currently up to it’s 3.o.3 release! (as of 11/04/2011).

We think the dev learned a valuable lesson so we wish him all the best with his emulator and we can’t wait to play his future work!

psx4droid setup

PSX4Droid was a good emulator on the Android Market that gave us gamers back some of our all-time classics


After PSX4Droid disappeared a new PSX emulator emerged. FPSE was a PlayStation emulator by a new author and although more complex than PSX4Droid, it shows a lot of promise for future releases. Updates are regularly seen on the Android Market and more importantly, customer aren’t charged for these updates. If the dev keeps pumping out updates then we’ll soon see a fast and reliable PlayStation emulator on Android. Check out the FPSE official website.

fpse emulator

FPSE may be new but its developers head and heart are in the right place

Please remember that if you wish for your PlayStation Android emulator dev to iron out its bugs or other performance issues, then please support them and buy their work. Yes, we were against multiple update charges but you have no right to complain about any issue of an emulator if you haven’t financially supported it with that original purchase.

The Games

Lets all be honest, most of us were like kiddies in a sweet shop when we first heard of the Android PlayStation emulator. Flashbacks of Final Fantasy 7, Duke Nukem 3D, Die Hard Trilogy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and many other classic PlayStation games flooded our gamer noggins. But the reality was that these emulators were in heavy development and being as there are so many Android platforms, it was impossible to get every handset running them efficiently.

psx4droid ff7

We know of a hand-full of playable classics, but we need more feedback from gamers

We want to start a comments list that helps others out with their Android handsets and emulators. If you’ve purchased the PSX4Droid (it may have been withdrawn but you can still play it if you purchased it) or the FPSE, or you plan on buying the new-named PSX4Droid once it’s live again, then get posting your emulator gaming findings here!

Please remember that your posts for how games run will only be helpful with the following info at the start:

1) The exact android handset you’re using

2) The exact version of the emulator you’re playing or have completed it on

Remember PSX4Droid may temporarily be down but many people paid for it and are still using it, so don’t hold back on those findings! Also please feel free to post findings on Zodttd’s latest website PSX4Droid releases. They may not be published on the Android Market but they are still designed for Android phones!

Ideally your comments would be superb if you finished the game (you’ll have a much better understanding of how it runs) but if you simply can’t wait to post your opinions, then please at least play the first 1hr of gameplay before posting your findings. Thanks.

Keep posting your findings and lets help everyone play their favourite PlayStation games!