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Looking back at some of the film industries greatest actions scenes, it can still be shocking to think that some box office big-hitters are still yet to be carried over to the interactive media format.

D4G take a look at some of the best action scenes of all-time, in hope that one day, we’ll all get the chance to play them!

*In order to make this list, the film must have no previous game-licensed release, or if it has, the game did not allow the player to experience such an action scene (or something very similar to it).

Example: The Aliens franchise would not meet this lists requirements, having received amazing Jaguar and PC Alien vs Predator games back in 1994 and 1999/2000.

  1. Collateral – Vincent vs two street muggers

Michael Mann’s masterpiece produced Tom Cruise’s finest performance, playing the part of stone-cold hitman – Vincent. Collateral is an action/thriller that offered one of the most intense and well executed close-quarter handgun action scenes – pre John Wick.

Collateral vincent vs street muggers
Tom Cruise was exceptional at bringing Vincent to life in the noir streets of LA. This scene is one of the most intense, realistic and well executed action scenes put to film – Collateral Copyright: Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures

Gamers having the ability to play as Vincent would relish in such a hitman-esque experience in such a noir setting. However, the character was an antagonist in the original film, so this could complicate things for the games plot (unless the devs really wanted to focus the experience on something both daring and refreshingly different). The game could even be set long before Vincent and Max crossed paths.

There is always a possibility for another Collateral movie. I just hope that if this were to materialise, Michael Mann would still be behind the camera.

  1. Wanted – Wesley’s assault on the Fraternity base

Weapons of fate may have offered fans a light bullet-bending experience, but the game was set after the events of the film. This was a real shame as the movie’s showdown scene (where Wesley brings the fight to the Fraternity base) was amazing to watch and would be one hell of an experience to play.

wanted wesley assault fraternity base
Due to the movie being a comic book adaption, Wanted is one of those films that just feels like a game from start to finish. Wanted Copyright: Universal Pictures

Wanted: Weapons of Fate did have some good slow-motion and bullet manipulation sections, but a more challenging and slightly longer campaign (including the base showdown) would create a must-own action game.

  1. 300 – King Leonidas vs Persian soldiers

Gerard Butler was exceptional in playing the Spartan warrior king. This very action scene also helped build huge hype for the trailer.

300 leonidas vs persian soldiers
Every second of this intense and brutal action scene is utterly rewatchable and an experience that needs to be transferred to gaming media. 300 – Copyright: Warner Bros

Surprisingly, the actor explained that due to camera set-up issues causing major delays that morning, a backup plan was put into place to have a stunt-double perform the action scene (in a bid to both save and makeup lost time). After spending hours training for that very scene, Gerard was advised by his stunt double to “warm-up in front of the director” (Zack Snyder). The plan worked and not only did Snyder choose Butler first, he loved it so much, Butler’s first take made the film.

  1. Terminator 2: Judgement day (T2) – The entire film!

Many action movies would probably struggle with one or two set-piece scenes that could easily be converted to a game. However, when you look at Terminator 2 in its entirety, you realise that 90% of the film could easily work as an action game!

t2 helicopter truck shootout
T2 doesn’t just need to offer gamers an interactive experience of its most popular action scenes, it’s begging to be fully transferred over as a gaming experience. Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Copyright: Lionsgate

After a fair few Terminator game attempts (easily winning the award for the most franchise game adaptions on this list), why not just bite the bullet and go with the second film??? The developers could still get creative with the games opening levels, even allowing the player to take control of an older John Conner, as he (and his squad) battle in the future to capture and reprogram the very T800 that is sent back to protect his younger self. This would nicely setup the infamous T2 action scenarios, becoming their own stages and/or epic boss battle showdowns!

  1. Starship Troopers – The entire 2nd half of the film

One thing that is still hard to believe is that Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi action masterpiece, underperformed with its theatrical release (only making $16million more at box office than its $105million budget). However, the film was given the attention that it truly deserved outside of the box office, and is one of my all-time favourite sci-fi action movies.

starship troopers mobile infantry vs bugs
Gamers need to experience fighting for their lives and their teammates, against the relentless and overpowering Arachnids. Starship Troopers – Copyright: TriStar Pictures

Starship Troopers did receive a licensed PC game back in 2005. However, the game failed to even meet half the standard the movie had set. Let’s hope another developer can give the franchise the respect and understanding fans have been waiting so very patiently for.

  1. Robocop

I’m writing this in 2021, finding it hard to believe that the only well-received Robocop game was the original 1994 arcade side-scroller!

robocop warehouse shootout
The original Robocop film deserves a game that matches it qualities. If only a dev could take the broth of Metroid Prime, add a pinch of Wolfenstein’s level design and brutality and mix-in Robocop’s phycological battle for identity. Robocop – Copyright: Arrow Video

The gif above is taken from an amazing warehouse shootout. Paul Verhoeven (with two movies on this list!) makes beautiful use of the greatest costume design in sci-fi movie history, Peter Weller’s flawless and engrossing performance, amazing camera angles that capture the intensity of Robocop’s counter attacks, that bad-ass fully-automatic handgun and one hair-raising score. All this is expertly put together, creating one of the greatest action scenes of all time!