Below you’ll find a list of D4G’s most wanted ports for the Nintendo Switch. Remember, these won’t be Nintendo games, but 3rd party games that are just begging to be ported to a Nintendo Switch cartridge! (these are also in no particular order).

*UPDATE* 25/04/2020 – Catherine removed due to Switch release and Persona Royal edition added!

Persona 5 Royal Edition 

Atlus’ amazing JRPG series has blessed many platforms over the years. The long-awaited 5th instalment was an absolute masterpiece and deserved both a digital and Switch cartridge release. Now however, the enhanced versions of the game (Persona 5 Royal) has been released with a ton of new content (including new playable characters, an entirely new school semester, new areas and locations, confidants, enemies and personas…and that’s just naming a few!)

persona 5 royal switch

Persona 5 Royal takes a truley great JRPG and turns it into a masterpeice that every console owner needs to experience. I’m still patiently waiting for me next playthrough on Switch…

Why Switch?: Atlus released Persona 5 Scramble: Phantom Strikers for Switch in Japan, back in February. However, the real surprise was that Persona S is a direct sequel to Persona 5! Due to no other Persona game being released for Switch, it makes sense for Atlus to be working on Persona 5 Royal for Nintendo Switch, if anything, just to make their current game make sense! Fingers crossed Scramble/Strikers sells well, so this can come to fruition!

Switch Extras: Let’s be honest here, Persona 5 Royal edition has so many extras, you simply couldn’t ask for Atlus to implement more. However, previous Persona games (even classic PlayStation 1 and PSP releases) could hit eshop on/close to release, or even come bundled. The Switch’s portability gives it that edge and make it perfect for all Persona releases, new and classic!


Yakuza Remastered Collection


Yakuza Remastered Collection would be a great port for Nintendo Switch

Why Switch?: The Switch still needs an introduction to this amazing franchise (think Shenmue mixed with hard-hitting combat from The Warriors). Designed for the PS3 (but not exactly pushing the system to it full potential), this remastered Yakuza collection is the perfect place to start Kiryu’s journey on Nintendo’s latest console. The way we see it, a game that captures Japan’s console so well, needs to be ported to all of Japan’s console manufacturers (it should be law!).

Switch Extras: The remaster is set to release each game as they are ready (you’ll pre-order the whole pack and have Yakuza 3 available first, allowing the player to download 4 and 5 once they are ready). This is actually perfect for the Switch, as Yakuza 3 comes in at around 16GB. A perfect size for a release on cartridge and Switch gamers can’t complain that they have to download the other two games as…well, it’s the same scenario on every other console. We just hope SEGA and Nintendo can jump on this opportunity quick, before all 3 games are released.

Metroid Prime Trilogy


Metroid Trilogy deserves and updated release and this is the perfect way to ease our suffering, while we all wait it out for the fourth instalment

Why Switch?: I’m going to be honest, I’ve been waiting ages for this! Game conference after conference and still no announcement! When Nintendo dropped the bombshell of Metroid Prime 4’s heavy delay (after Ninty pretty much had to hit the ‘reset’ button), I honestly thought a Metroid Prime Trilogy would have been the perfect move to soften that blow. Now it’s no secret…the fourth instalment is WAY OFF, so we need this trilogy and we need it now!

Switch Extras: This amazing trilogy was released back on the original Wii (but good luck getting hold of that now), with Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The game received superb reviews from critics. If Nintendo could update to modern stick controls and perhaps updated visuals (rather than just upping the resolution), this re-release could easily go down as one of Switch’s biggest releases!

What if??? – Let’s say that the fourth game’s delay was all down to development of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch?! What if Retro Studios were already working on this from the start (with updated controls and visuals) and it took so much longer than originally planned, Nintendo had no choice but to announce a ‘restart’ due to the length of time gamers had already waited? Once you think about it, you realise that Retro Studios would be very reluctant to pass over development of their beloved Metroid Prime Trilogy…and why the hell would Nintendo have moved the fourth games development to anyone else??? Food for thought, my friends!

Fire Pro Wrestling World

The classic arcade-style wrestling game has finally got a license it deserves – NJPW World! (New Japan Wrestling World). ZEX Corporation has not only brought more to what made the WWE Wrestlefest games so appealing, but has created a wrestling game that offers in-ring gameplay that current WWE games lack.


After the dreadful WWE 2K18 port, Fire Pro Wrestling World is the wrestling game the Switch needs.

Why Switch?: Fire Pro Wrestling World will play superbly on the Switch’s mobile and docked setup. The retro arcade-style has always suited a Nintendo system and after the poor port of WWE 2K18, Fire Pro Wrestling World as the wrestling game the Switch really needs.

Switch Extras: The first thing that needs to be tweaked is the price. Although Fire Pro Wrestling World is a fantastic wrestling game, it still isn’t worth the £39.99 (or £74.99 – with Season Pass) price tag that PSN currently asks for. ZEX would have to add match creation and career modes to justify this, or simply keep the retail price for the Switch retail cart (due to Ninty production costs) but offer a more sensible price tag of £29.99 for the digital version.

Shenmue 1 & 2 Re-Release

Created by the legendary Yu Suzuki, Shenmue was easily one of the most important 3D adventure games ever released. Costing over $30m to develop and offering the player state-of-the-art graphics, a fully interactive world and complex Virtua Fighter-like combat mechanics (not to mention those amazing collectable Sega figures), Shenmue was THE game I was reading about, from the very moment I’d clapped eyes on previews of the Dreamcast’s existence.


Shenmue’s re-release announcement was music to gamers ears but there was one platform missing…

Why Switch?: The Shenmue games offer lengthy adventures but wrapped in an engine the Switch could easily process both docked and on the go. Yup, this is simply too much gaming goodness to pass up.

Switch Extras: The Shenmue remasters are currently plagued by bugs that affect everything from frame rate to cutscenes. These would need to be patched before Nintendo would even think about rolling this out on cart or via the eshop (yup, I love how that ‘Nintendo Seal Of Quality’ still means something).

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Mankind Divided may have been an enjoyable leap back into a Sci-Fi FPS role playing game, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution was easily the superior game. Human Revolution’s sound, story, characters, amazing settings and room-pacing player choices, enabled fans to experience a true next-gen creation of this revolutionary franchise (that made Warren Spector proud). I’ve played the game through three times now (twice on console and the Directors Cut on PC) and I still want this ported to Switch. That’s just how amazing this game is!


Deus Ex: Human Revolution had a tough gig on the Wii U. At the very least, the Wii U version deserves a Switch port.

Why Switch?: Deus Ex: Human Revolution has already been ported to the Wii U. However, even with some cool touchscreen features, the release was still hindered by poor Wii U sales. A Switch port is just what this game deserves!

Switch Extras: Many of the touchscreen features could easily be carried over for the Switch. The real question would be if the chosen developer had the time/budget to remaster the game using Mankind Divided’s engine? (or as close to it as the Switch would allow).

Dead Rising

The very reason why I bought an XBOX 360 and my personal favourite in the franchise. The first Dead Rising had it all – Zombies, a huge shopping centre/Mall, pick-up and attack with just about anything and multiple endings. Dead Rising’s only real let-downs were its controls and annoying AI (which is why I still can’t bring myself to buy the XBOX One or PS4 versions).


I always preferred the US box cover. Just imagine the ultimate and portable Nintendo Switch version of Dead Rising!

Why Switch?: Dead Rising also offers amazing sand-box gameplay which would be perfect for pick-up and play action on the go. Forget motion control extras. Dead Rising would simply be awesome on the go, as well as on your HD TV.

Switch Extras: Here is where it gets interesting. The original games issues were never addressed in the XBOX One or PS4 re-release. If the Switch version could tweak the AI (survivors would need AI in DR3 and DR4), awkward controls (use the easier system in DR4) and that awful bug which didn’t allow the player to defend themselves (or even jump) while on the radio, this could easily be the best Dead Rising ever! An option to boost Franks levels (to take advantage of those cool wrestling moves as well as that awesome zombie walk) would be a great addition for loyal fans.

Chainsaw Warrior: Total Darkness Edition

Based on the 1987 hit board game from Games Workshop, Chainsaw Warrior was a hidden gem on Steam. The game may be a turn-based card and dice fest but the music, timer and enemies you’ll face help create an amazing atmosphere. I played this when it was on sale and was instantly hooked. Be warned…this game is as unforgiving as the boxed classic. Maybe even more!


Chainsaw Warrior: Total Darkness Edition could become a great hit on Switch. It would need a little more magic to make it to cartridge but an eshop appearance would be great

Why Switch?: Chainsaw Warrior would be amazing to play on the go and would include both the Original Chainsaw Warrior and its sequel (Lords of the Night).

Switch Extras:  Auroch Digital could take advantage of the Switch’s mobile, touch and motion control capabilities. Dice throws could be performed by a swipe of the screen and/or via motion of the controllers (when detached during mobile play).

Phantasy Star Online 2

Long-term fans were shocked to hear that PSO2 could never be released to western gamers. Close sources leaked that a contract had been signed by Sega, preventing the release of the game on Steam. However, did that contract really affect consoles and is the agreement still in power? If not, a Phantasy Star Online 2 Switch release could be just what Nintendo need!


Phantasy Star Online 2 could be a huge port release for the Nintendo Switch!

Why Switch?: Phantasy Star is all about the grind and what better major console to port to, than the only one that can offer both forms of play.

Switch Extras: Phantasy Star Online 2 would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch’s multiplayer capabilities. Split-screen and portable multiplayer could easily make PSO 2 the multiplayer game of that year!

Nier: Automata

Platinum Games have once again created an unmissable third-person action adventure, that will become a pleasant surprise for the gamers eyes and ears. Offering stunning visuals, a very memorable soundtrack and a generous variation of gameplay styles, Nier: Automata is another RPG that would be amazing to play at home or on the go!


Nier: Automata is another fantastic RPG that Switch really needs. RPG’s + the option to grind on-the-go = Nintendo!

Why Switch?: Yes, this is possibly the largest game on this list so far, clocking-up around 46GB! However, Nintendo never said anything about being limited to 32GB carts? This means (just like the N64 and DS) that Nintendo can release higher capacity cartridges for certain games.

Switch Extras: Platinum Games could add new missions, outfits or even new and exclusive story cut-scenes (as Nier was only really criticised for lack of character development).

The King of Fighters 14

Many expected a 3D remake of KoF to fall flat but the genius idea of going 3D with a 2D plane, was enough to innovate The King of Fighters 14 while still appealing to long-term fans.


The King of Fighters started on cartridge (with home platforms) and should be honoured with a return. Just holding a KoF14 cart for Switch would be one off our bucket list!

Why Switch?: The retro geek in me, yearns for KoF 14 to hit cartridge media once again, and be enjoyed with a Nintendo Switch Arcade stick. KoF 14 doesn’t push the graphical boundaries of PS4 and Xbox One, making it a perfect Switch port opportunity for handheld offline/online battles!

Switch Extras: New characters, costumes and unlockables would be the obvious choice but if SNK could add extra story-focused content and improve the online battle performance, this would easily give the Switch version the edge it needs.

*UPDATE* SNK announced in December that King of Fighters XIV is coming to Switch! SNK also released a statement, saying that ‘King of Fighters XVI will release in 2020 on all platforms). While this is a a long while off, this could still be referring to other mobile platforms. Fingers crossed that a Switch port is sooner and that we get a Western announcement soon!

Read more on why King of the Fighters XIV is perfect for the Nintendo Switch

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

The Dreamcast anime classic has finally got a next-gen game, enabling Guts to hack and slash his way through hoards of enemies on your HD TV screen! I’ll also admit, the retro geek within me thinks a cartridge version of Berserk, would go perfectly with the mint condition Dreamcast disc (Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage), that I’m already the proud owner of.


Berserk could offer some amazing Switch battles at home or on the go!

Why Switch?: Over 17 years have passed since we experienced Guts’ brutal combat on the Dreamcast. Berserk: Band of the Hawk’s insane combat would be perfect to play on the go, with some neat little touchscreen features.

Switch Extras: Added challenge/difficulty and move-sets could just turn this into the Berserk game that anime fans have been waiting on for many, many years.

That was our most sought-after ports for the Nintendo Switch, but what about yours? Feel we’ve left any off? Want to let us know your personal order of the above games (or add to our new ‘Switch Extras sections?). Hit those comments and let us know!

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