PowerA are to release a Witcher 3 control pad for the Nintendo Switch.

The pad will offer an incredibly detailed Witcher medallion design and a red d-pad (that matches the ‘III’ within the Witcher 3’s logo design). At first glance, the pad looks like your regular, official Pro Controller, but once you turn the pad around, you’ll notice the following:


PowerA’s button-mapping Witcher 3 control pad for Nintendo Switch

– Battery compartment that offers up to 30hrs of play (from 2x AAA batteries)

– Two extra buttons (one on each hand grip) that can be mapped to any existing button of your choice!

– An additional Program button, just under the battery compartment

The Witcher 3 design isn’t the only thing that’s cool with this Nintendo Switch pad. Simply pressing the Program button will activate the pads auto button mapping feature. Once the Program button has been held for 2 seconds, simply press any standard button on the controller that you wish to map, followed by any of the two new hand grip buttons (AGL or AGR) and they’ll instantly configure as that button command!

Now that’s customisation, right? Interested in this amazing new Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch pad and wish to toss a coin to your PowerA? Head to their official site for more information.