Very few things can compete with the hype of a true next-gen Final Fantasy. While the 13th entry may have been a let-down for many (simply extracting one too many cherished foundations), screenshots, Famitsu previews and YouTube footage, have certainly helped relight the fire under Square’s next AAA RPG – Final Fantasy XV.

final fantasy xv duscae

Final Fantasy XV is finally playable and is even being updated! Check out the posts below, for a more detailed look at the current build

Five million polygons per frame, a character max of 100,000 polygons and hair alone, using up to 20,000 polygons creates an RPG that has to be seen to be believed!

final fantasy xv noctis hair

Square have taken no shortcuts with FFXV. Twenty thousand polygons for Noctis’ hair!??? We’re surprised they never decided to shave his head!

Let’s take a more detailed look at the outstanding Final Fantasy XV Demo:

Final Fantasy XV – Camping: The evolution of the Tent

Final Fantasy 15 – Wiz Chocobo Post

Final Fantasy 15 – Item Shops

We’ll keep adding to this post, so keep it at D4G for more on the incredible Final Fantasy XV!