After the most shocking Extreme Rules match we’ve ever seen, (and after Brock demanded ridiculous add-ons to his existing WWE contract) Triple H took it upon himself to step-in and correct Lesnar on his delusional contract agreement made by John Laurinaitis. But during this confrontation, Brock Lensnar attacks Trippe H from behind and breaks his arm. Lesnar then vanishes and a few weeks later, writes a letter informing the WWE that he has quit. So the big question is…where is Lesnar and will we see him in a WWE ring again?

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Will we see Brock Lesnar's F5 in future WWE Pay Per Views?

We really wanted a Triple H vs Brock Lesnar SummerSlam match. If the story had changed and Lesnar ended up facing off against Undertaker, Randy Orton or Shamus, we’re sure it would still be a SummerSlam to remember!

However, a recent UFC event may have left our SummerSlam dream match-ups in serious danger. Brock Lesnar was seen attending the recent UFC 146. Although nothing official was reported from Brock himself, UFC president Dana White, said “Lesnar might be considering a return to the UFC, but nothing is concrete”.

Other UFC fighters even suggested that Lesnar’s contract was not exclusive to the WWE. Does this mean Brock can easily pull-out of the WWE whenever he feels he’s “done his part” or does this simply mean that Brock can sell tickets both in WWE and UFC Pay Per Views? The fact that none of this has came from Brock himself, is good for us WWE fans, but does this mean that Brock was simply (and hastily) brought in to pump-up Cena fans for that one PPV, or is Brock simply getting himself media exposure as part of a WWE contract?

How would you like to see Brock return to the WWE?

Brock is one of the most talented individuals to ever sign a WWE contract. Although we’re fans of UFC ourselves, Brock’s wrestling abilities are so high, we honestly can’t believe he’d reconsider a UFC contract. He was born to wrestle and WWE is the perfect place for him! But if Brock is to come back, one thing is for sure…it’s got to be in the hard-hitting style of Brock Lesnar!

Based on current story-lines, situations within those story-lines and other useful opportunities, we’ve come up with 4 Brock Lesnar comeback scenarios:

Comeback 1: Brock Lesnar VS Tripple H – Brock returns to interrupt Triple H during a speech about John Laurinaitis’ future. Although new terms were made at Over The Limit, we’re pretty sure we heard Cena say that Laurinaitis was only still here due to Cena’s request…

RESULT: Brock VS Triple H at SummerSlam 2012

Comeback 2: Brock Lesnar VS Ryback – The one they call “The Terminator” is a talented wrestler, steadily gaining fans with every appearance. Brock needs to maintain his bad boy attitude (to be honest, WWE is in DESPERATE need of dominant heels) so what about a match where Ryback easily defeats yet another unknown…to then be interrupted by the music of Brock Lesnar!

RESULT: Brock puts an end to The Terminator’s undefeated streak

Comeback 3: Brock Lesnar VS Shamus – If you cast your mind back to when Lesnar broke the arm of Triple H, you’ll remember that Brock was set-upon by a small crowd of WWE superstars. Shamus seemed to be the first man down to the aid of Triple H, so maybe Brock could see this as an invitation! This could suit a backstage interference just as well as a Smackdown Shamus match.

RESULT: Brock VS Shamus at No Way Out/Money In The Bank 2012

Comeback 4: Brock Lesnar VS John Cena – There’s no doubt in our minds that John Cena took a pounding at Extreme Rules for the sake of strengthening his character. If WWE still wish to go down this road, we could be looking at a repeat of how Brock first came back this year.

RESULT: Brock VS John Cena at No Way Out/Money In The Bank 2012

What do you think? Would you like to see one of the above or do you have the perfect comeback idea for Brock Lesnar? Get posting and let us know!

[UPDATE] Brock Lensar has been reported to have signed a contract with WWE that will lead him up to Wrestlemania 29. The contract is for a “limited number of appearances” and fits the “non exclusive” suggestions that were made during UFC 146.

With the ‘limited appearance’ contract in mind and looking at Brock Lesnar’s latest appearances in the WWE, it seems this could be a total UFC stunt!

What we suspect: Brock could have signed a WWE deal to promote his return to the UFC!

The evidence: The “limited appearance” contract signing to Wrestlemania 29, the UFC shorts and gloves Brock Lesnar had on during his latest WWE appearances and the fact that Lesnar has hardly executed wrestling moves since his return (purely resorting to UFC ground-and-pound methods).

What do you think? Believe us, we hope we’re wrong. We don’t want to see Brock Lesnar’s wrestling talents in the octagon, they belong in a WWE ring!

Do you think this could go in a completely different direction? Let us know!