Knowing how to fight, when to fight and when to rest, pretty much sums-up the essential basics of a Final Fantasy game. But it’s only a matter of time before you and your party, desperately need items to survive.

Then, we spotted it…a Chocobo Post sign!

ff15 chocobo post

Forget the items, I wanna see what a next-gen Chocobo looks like!

Ignoring our mission objective and side quests, we race toward that yellow hut (visible just behind the sign). Battling through the woodland, we then make out an ascending hill road. I lead my team upward and follow the trail, spotting cars flying by in the distance, from my peripheral vision (as the spiraling hill road, now makes us level with the distant motorway).

Music begins to fade-in. We know we’ve made it! The hill road now brings us to a small camp. Garden furniture is dotted around what seems to be a shop.

“No mistaking the smell of Chocobos” says Noctis

Prompto replies, “Ah, it’s nice to not have to kill anything” 

ff15 wiz chocobo post

You may not be able to ride the Chocobos in the original demo, but you’ll have full access to a shop, caravan and see what a next-gen Chocobo looks like (check out the video below)

This Final Fantasy 15 demo build doesn’t let you chat to NPC’s (with the exception of one character that leads to a cutscene – but we’ll get to that in another post). Instead, it lets you listen-in on their conversations. This is obviously going to change come the full release, but you can still interact with shop keepers.

Unfortunately, you can’t ride the Chocobos in the demo. The shop keeper tells you it’s due to how unsafe the area currently is. Kinda silly, considering the entire game will be based around hostile territory. But hey, at least we know it’s only for the demo.

Check out this Chocobo Post video (with Chocobos!):

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