Final Fantasy XV has been through quite a journey since its original announcement 8 years ago. It began as part of the FFXIII universe, developed for the XBOX 360 and PS3. However, development time lead to the game being remade for the PS4 and XBOX One.

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Next-Gen Final Fantasy XV: A closer look

noctis ffxv

Hmmmmm, should I continue my quest within the FFXIII universe? A world where I’ll have no real control during battle and no world map? Nah, stuff that!

Finally, (as predicted in one of our older Final Fantasy Versus XIII posts) Square surgically removed the FFXIII universe. That in itself must have taken some work, with story, characters and even entire locations having to be stripped and recreated for the new Final Fantasy XV.

So, what’s happening now? Well, we’ve had an awesome, new FFXV trailer and a demo announced for 2015 (but you’ll have to buy Final Fantasy Type-0 in order to get the access code). Although this was good news, no announcement of the games release was made.

However, a different announcement gave us a much better understanding of Final Fantasy XV’s future development time…

ffxv real time battle

FFXV’s locations, animations and the way characters behave around each other, is absolutely amazing! (yeah, and I think it’s safe to say that grunt is finished!)

“The game is about 55% complete” said FFXV’s new director, Hajime Tabata. What’s most alarming about Hajime’s comment is that with all the stops, starts and redevelopment, that percentage only counts for the last 2 years of work.

Having worked in the games industry myself, I understand that development is always tricky to put a timer on. If main assets are all checked-in and the game nears ‘Code Complete’, that other 45% could only take another 6 months.

However, the average, major console Final Fantasy game has taken around 3-4 years to develop (this excludes XIII-2 and Lightning Returns as they were made in 2 years from existing FFXIII assets). If that was the case, (and it’s looking more likely due FFXV’s major development alterations) we may not see Final Fantasy XV until mid 2016 at the very earliest.

Finger crossed those main assets are complete!

Hit that comments section and let us know what you think of FFXV so far?