Microsoft have the Master Chief collection, Sony have The Last of Us and Square will do it as much as they can to inject cash into Final Fantasy XV (or simply make it back). Of course, we’re on about HD remasters and remakes. But what about Max?

max payne hd remaster

Max Payne gave the PC market so much. Surly it deserves a re-release? But should it be an HD remaster or full remake?

The first Max Payne gave the PC game industry what it desperately needed. Strong characters, a dark and mature story line, the birth of game bullet-time (that Remedy still swear was in development long before the first Matrix movie was released) and a photo-realistic engine, created an action-packed cocktail that brought Max Payne’s tragedy and vengeance to life.


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The sequel worked well with the original games feedback and added motion capture, physics, a more user-friendly bullet-time mechanic and even a new love interest for Max.

max payne 2 mona love scene

Remedy successfully built on the original game with the amazing Max Payne 2

Both games proved that if made right, the third person action genre could thrive on both PC and console. However, although we all know some form of remake is well-overdue, should Rockstar release HD remasters or go all-out and bring us a full remake of Max Payne 1 and 2?

I don’t know about you guys but after playing the 3rd instalment, I couldn’t help but imagine what the original games would look like on next-gen hardware!

max payne remake

Early sections of Max Payne 3 even tease the player on what the original games would look like completely remade!

Although a full remake to a next-gen engine would be truly amazing for Max Payne’s original journey, an HD remaster would surly be welcomed at the very least.

What are your thoughts on a re-release of the original Max Payne games? Hit the comments and let us know!

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