The Nintendo Switch is off to a flying start with Ninty supporting the system well through exclusives, ports and some very interesting Nindie projects. Although the Switch has turned the light back on with new third parties, the Wii U, Gamecube and N64 still had some strong products. Here, we’ll take a look at games that Nintendo need to bring back to the Switch.

*UPDATE* 01/04/2018 – Luigi’s Mansion added!

Luigi’s Mansion – While a new game in the series has already been announced, it just wasn’t for the platform many of us had hoped for. The original Gamecube release was not only one of the best looking games on the console (that gave an incredible atmospheric and arcade-like feel) but is easily my favourite Luigi game of all time. I still remember first hearing Luigi nervously hum to himself, desperately trying to stay calm. This was one of the first great examples of player character awareness (mastered by Naughty Dog with the Uncharted series) that really helps the character spring to life from the screen.


A new Luigi’s Mansion may have already been announced but it’s not for the Switch. Make it happen Nintendo!

Why Switch?: Luigi’s Mansion has been on many gamer’s lists since the release of the Switch. At the very least, a remaster of Luigi’s Mansion and its DS follow-up, would be fantastic on one Switch cart. However, a full-on sequel that was built-from-the-ground-up for Switch, would be amazing. The Nintendo team created an incredible atmosphere on the Gamecube…imagine what they could do with the Switch!

Switch Improvements/Extras: Nintendo could further enhance touchscreen features found on the DS follow-up. Sensible checkpoints and even voiced cut-scenes could better help segment safe zones from the dark and spooky mansion corridors.

Star Fox Zero – While the WiiU version impressed with its challenging stages, co-op play and cool boss fights, the gamepad controls were far too awkward. StarFox Zero is crying-out for a remaster for Nintendo’s new system!


StarFox Zero needs a retouch and the Switch is the perfect platform for it!

Why Switch?: Star Fox was born on the cartridge (1993 on the SNES and called ‘Starwing’ here in the UK) and needs to head back to its roots with a Switch release. An improved port of Zero could at least ease the wait for a true Switch Star Fox.

Switch Improvements/Extras: Improved controls and co-op that plays to the new strengths of the Switch (mobile and split-screen story co-op that’s far easier to access), could easily turn this release into a classic!

Earthbound Remake – This incredibly memorable and unique RPG for the SNES, teased us with an N64 sequel back in 1996. The series was actually called ‘Mother’ in Japan and its sequel (Mother 2) was only ever released in the US but was renamed to ‘Earthbound’ to prevent confusion. Unfortunately development issues with a 3D Mother 3 for N64 (which would have been Earthbound 2/64 in the US) eventually lead to cancellation and Mother 3 went on to be released exclusively in Japan for the Gameboy Advance.

Earthbound being cancelled for the N64 was one of the biggest upsets for the system. We believe Nintendo can heal those wounds by organising a full 3D remake of Earthbound for Switch.


Earthbound would not only make for an amazing Switch RPG but is THE remake that Nintendo need right now

Why Switch?: Nintendo still need their big RPG remake and Earthbound is the perfect IP! Get this remake back on a cartridge for Switch and watch it blow retro fans minds!

Switch Improvements/Extras: Yup, we have to say it…a mini scratch ‘n sniff strategy guide in the Switch retail case (similar to what the original US SNES release offered).

Turtles In Time Remake – The TMNT franchise is begging for a decent beat ’em up remake (Injustice 2 DLC can keep us busy until we get one). We say, remake the very best and bring Turtles In Time back to the cartridge…a freakin’ awesome, bodacious, bitchin’, radical, turbular Switch cartridge! (I made another funny, hahaha!).


Turtles IV: Turtles in Time would be the perfect multiplayer beat em’ up remake for the Nintendo Switch

Why Switch?: We need a good Turtles game. Nintendo need a good Turtles game.

Let’s see what Donatello thinks of a Switch remake:


We want it. Donatello wants it. Make it happen Nintendo!

Switch Improvements/Extras: Old Gameboy classics could even become unlockable and the exclusive level here and there would always be a welcomed addition. Hey, a pizza voucher in the Switch cart case would be a cool (and yummy) blast from the past as well!

Maniac Mansion Remake – This inspiring puzzle game put a start to Nintendo’s historic clamp-down on mature content. A simple point and click-based adventure, Maniac Mansion offered multiple characters, great puzzles and was arguably one of the first games to offer multiple endings.


A Maniac Mansion remake has been requested by fans for years. The Nintendo Switch could bring this cartridge classic back to life!

Why Switch?: Fans have been begging for a remake for years and although a spiritual follow-up was released (Day of the Tentacle), fans still want the original remade. Maniac Mansion had and exclusive console release for the NES. This means Nintendo Switch is exactly where it needs to be reborn!

Switch Improvements/Extras: Touch-based controls for mobile play would be a fantastic addition to this point and click-style game. Maniac Mansion was also a first of its kind for consoles, so adding the original (as an unlock or as a switch-on-demand) would allow players to enjoy the retro classic that helped shape the genre.

Those were just some of our must-remake games for the Nintendo Switch. There’s obviously a lot more out there, so if you feel we’re missing your must-remake game (or if you simply want to discuss games already on the list), hit the comments and let us know!

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