Games That Need Porting To Nintendo Switch

Games That Need Porting To Nintendo Switch

Below you’ll find a list of D4G’s most wanted ports for the Nintendo Switch. Remember, these won’t be Nintendo games, but 3rd party games that are just begging to be ported to a Nintendo Switch cartridge! (these are also in no particular order).

*UPDATE* 14/09/2017 – Dead Rising deserves a true remaster on Nintendo Switch!

Dragonball FighterZ

Arc System Works blew every anime fan away, when they revealed Dragonball FighterZ. The perfect 2.5D design, jaw-dropping supers and the way in which the fights constantly (and permanently) alter the battle environments, already have Dragonball FighterZ heading for the fighter of the year award! However, there is still something missing…


Dragonball FighterZ is looking amazing but Bandai Namco can’t ignore the Switch. Nintendo is where DBZ began its video game journey!

Why Switch? Nintendo and the Dragonball franchise go way back and being an anime fighter with online and co-op play (with Xenoverse 2 already being ported to Switch), it still amazes us that a Switch port wasn’t announced from the start!

Switch Extras: Mobile co-op play is going to be the Switch’s strong point here, add that to manga content with extra characters, stages or even supers and you’ll easily have the definitive edition.

Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition

As much as we’d all love Final Fantasy 15 to be ported to the Switch, I think we all know that a straight port would be beyond Nintendo’s new system. However, an announcement of FF15 Pocket for mobile has lifted our spirits and created hope of exploring, fighting, driving and cooking-up some kick-ass meals on the Nintendo Switch!


Final Fantasy 15 could well be on the way to Nintendo Switch. Lets hope Square follow this through, enable both TV and mobile play and release both digital and cartridge copies!

Why Switch?: Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition will more than likely be the only way Switch will be introduced to Noctis’ adventure. The gameplay alone is a strong case for a Switch port but with Square going episodic (and with no current support for external controllers) the port could be restricted to portable play only. Could this eliminate a cart retail release? We sure hope not.

Switch Extras: FF15 Pocket on Switch would need to be a complete product before a digital and retail version could be released. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (especially as Square have given a hint that the mobile port could be finished by the end of the year) as this would give Square a chance to add extra content for Switch. Maybe original DLC remade for the Switch Pocket version.

Dead Rising

The very reason why I bought an XBOX 360 and my personal favourite in the franchise. The first Dead Rising had it all – Zombies, a huge shopping centre/Mall, pick-up and attack with just about anything and multiple endings. Dead Rising’s only real let-downs were its controls and annoying AI (which is why I still can’t bring myself to buy the XBOX One or PS4 versions).


I always preferred the US box cover. Just imagine the ultimate and portable Nintendo Switch version of Dead Rising!

Why Switch?: Dead Rising also offers amazing sand-box gameplay which would be perfect for pick-up and play action on the go. Forget motion control extras. Dead Rising would simply be awesome on the go, as well as on your HD TV.

Switch Extras: Here is where it gets interesting. The original games issues were never addressed in the XBOX One or PS4 re-release. If the Switch version could tweak the AI (survivors would need AI in DR3 and DR4), awkward controls (use the easier system in DR4) and that awful bug which didn’t allow the player to defend themselves (or even jump) while on the radio, this could easily be the best Dead Rising ever! An option to boost Franks levels (to take advantage of those cool wrestling moves as well as that awesome zombie walk) would be a great addition for loyal fans.

Chainsaw Warrior: Total Darkness Edition

Based on the 1987 hit board game from Games Workshop, Chainsaw Warrior was a hidden gem on Steam. The game may be a turn-based card and dice fest but the music, timer and enemies you’ll face help create an amazing atmosphere. I played this when it was on sale and was instantly hooked. Be warned…this game is as unforgiving as the boxed classic. Maybe even more!


Chainsaw Warrior: Total Darkness Edition could become a great hit on Switch. It would need a little more magic to make it to cartridge but an eshop appearance would be great

Why Switch?: Chainsaw Warrior would be amazing to play on the go and would include both the Original Chainsaw Warrior and its sequel (Lords of the Night).

Switch Extras:  Auroch Digital could take advantage of the Switch’s mobile, touch and motion control capabilities. Dice throws could be performed by a swipe of the screen and/or via motion of the controllers (when detached during mobile play).

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

While the 3rd (Ultimate) may have problems selling at Switch retail RRP, MVC Infinite would be a much welcomed addition to the Nintendo Switch. Capcom’s latest brawler would be perfect for Nintendo’s new multiplayer-focused system.


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has possibly one of the greatest collectors editions ever. The only thing missing is a Nintendo Switch cartridge!

Why Switch?: Nintendo need brawlers and they don’t come much hotter than the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. Imagine how awesome it would be to get Ultimate on a Switch cartridge? Now times that by 8 for Infinite! (see what we did, there?).

Switch Extras: An exclusive Switch collectors addition and even exclusive characters (Link and Samus could join the battle!) could easily make Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for Switch, the ultimate version to own!

Persona 5/Series

Atlus’ amazing JRPG series has blessed many platforms over the years. The long-awaited 5th instalment was an absolute masterpiece and deserves both a digital and Switch cartridge release. Persona 5 may have looked stunning but it was also released for the PS3…meaning a great Swith-port opportunity! We need Sony’s exclusivity to finish so we can all experience some P5 on the go!


Persona 5 would be amazing to play on the Switch but the entire series would also help make excellent use of the Switch’s mobile design

Why Switch?: Anime, JRPG and the masterclass of persona games just scream for a Switch release. Even just holding a Persona 5 cartridge would pretty much make our year!

Switch Extras: Atlus could port previous Persona games for the Persona 5 Switch release! This could be as standard or as a pre-order bonus (then to be added to the eshop a few months after). Just imagine Persona 1-4 being fully playable on the go for your Nintendo Switch!

Phantasy Star Online 2

Long-term fans were shocked to hear that PSO2 could never be released to western gamers. Close sources leaked that a contract had been signed by Sega, preventing the release of the game on Steam. However, did that contract really effect consoles and is the contract still in power? If not, a Phantasy Star Online 2 Switch release could be just what Nintendo need!


Phantasy Star Online 2 could be a huge port release for the Nintendo Switch!

Why Switch?: Phantasy Star is all about the grind and what better major console to port to, than the only one that can offer both forms of play. Plus PSO needs to come back to Nintendo!

Switch Extras: Phantasy Star Online 2 would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch’s multiplayer abilities. Split-screen and portable multiplayer could easily make PSO 2 the multiplayer game of that year!

Nier: Automata

Platinum Games have once again created an unmissable third-person action adventure, that will become a pleasant surprise for the gamers eyes and ears. Offering stunning visuals, a very memorable soundtrack and a generous variation of gameplay styles, Nier: Automata is another RPG that would be amazing to play at home or on the go!


Nier: Automata is another fantastic RPG that Switch really needs. RPG’s + the option to grind on-the-go = Nintendo!

Why Switch?: Yes, this is possibly the largest game on this list so far, clocking-up around 46GB! However, Nintendo never said anything about being limited to 32GB carts? This means (just like the N64 and DS) that Nintendo can release higher capacity cartridges for certain games.

Switch Extras: Platinum Games could add new missions, outfits or even new and exclusive story cut-scenes (as Nier was only really criticised for lack of character development).


Head to Steam and read about this promising co-op platformer. Many gamers are calling this the true follow-up to the Megaman franchise and with huge co-op support, this could be the perfect multiplayer Switch game!


20XX is already looking very promising on Steam’s Early Access. Another that would perfectly compliment the multiplayer and mobile functionality of the Switch.

Why Switch?: It screams Megaman and with amazing local and online co-op support, it’ll put your additional Joy-con to good use!

Switch Extras: Being as levels are generated, Fire Hose Games could offer Switch players new and exclusive enemies and power-ups.


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4/Series

This isn’t just a push for Ninja Storm 4, but for the whole Ninja Storm series. Amazing anime fighters with deep storytelling, are just perfect for Nintendo’s new console. However, for gamers to truly appreciate Naruto’s cast and story, Bandi need to somehow port the whole lot over to the Switch. Imagine that!


Namco really missed a beat not re-releasing the older Ninja Storm games for next-gen consoles (helping newcomers keep up with Naruto’s deep story, pushing sales). They can easily make this up by bringing out every one of them for the Nintendo Switch!

Why Switch?: Naruto is one of the best fighters we’ve played (trust us, you’ll really get your money’s worth with the Ninja Storm franchise) and it’s about time Naruto came back to a Nintendo cartridge…where he belongs!

Switch Extras: Bandi would probably be better off releasing Naruto Shippuden Legacy for Nintendo Switch first, then releasing Ninja Storm 4: Road to Baruto. Exciting extras for both releases could be unlockable GBA/DS games. Maybe even exclusive translation of retro Naruto games that never made it out of Japan!

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

We’ll admit, only a few anime licensed games make the grade and AOT surprised a lot of fans with how good it actually turned out. Offering a mature story with amazing art work, this is a game Nintendo should be all over to help broaden its audience.


Attack on Titan is another anime must-play on Switch. All top anime games should get a Switch cartridge release!

Why Switch?: Attack on Titan has finally got the game it deserves and Nintendo could add this to the Conkers Bad Furr Day, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, No More Heroes 2, MadWorld and ZombiU portfolio, that has aimed to capture a more mature audience.

Switch Extras: Unlockable digital manga’s could really make use of the consoles mobile and touch capabilities. In fact, add that extra feature to Naruto and Berserk (and any other anime-based game) as well!

The King of Fighters 14

Many expected a 3D remake of KoF to fall flat but the genius idea of going 3D with a 2D plane, was enough to innovate The King of Fighters 14 while still appealing to long-term fans.


The King of Fighters started on cartridge (with home platforms) and should be honoured with a return. Just holding a KoF14 cart for Switch would be one off our bucket list!

Why Switch?: The retro aspect of KOF 14 with the 2D plane design, scream the Switch’s cartridge media with use of its Pro Controller and Arcade stick (yup, the latter is available now!). KoF 14 doesn’t push the graphical boundaries of PS4 and Xbox One, making it a perfect Switch port opportunity for handheld offline/online battles!

Switch Extras: New characters, costumes and unlockables would be the obvious choice but if SNK could add extra story-focused content and improve the online battle performance, this would easily give the Switch version the edge it needs.

Read more on why King of the Fighters XIV is perfect for the Nintendo Switch


Blizzrd’s online shooter hit the mark with its gorgeous visuals, map design, tactical depth and memorable characters.


Overwatch simply looks, feels and plays like it belongs on a Nintendo platform. How cool would it be to own an Overwatch Switch cartridge?

Why Switch?: Many of you may think this is the most far-fetched game on this list. However, not only would the base game perfectly fit on a Switch cartridge (it’s just future updates that would need an SD card), Overwatch could easily be the game Nintendo need to propel their online community. You’ve got to admit though, Overwatch does ooze of Ninty.

Switch Extras: One thing Nintendo would need to do off the bat, is make the Switch version cross-play. This would entice new and existing players as Overwatch handheld could well be a major selling point on its own.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

This anime classic has finally got a next-gen game! Hack and slash your way through enemies as the mighty Guts. We’ve been waiting a long time for Guts to hit our HD TV’s!


Berserk could not only bring some amazing Switch battles at home or on the go, but introduce some co-op magic to the franchise!

Why Switch?: It’s been years since we experienced Guts’ brutal combat on the Dreamcast. We think it’s time this release hit a Switch cart and if the main negatives are ironed-out, this could become a Switch great. Just imagine this brutal brawler at home or on the go!

Switch Extras: Added challenge, move-sets and even co-op play would not only transform this into the must-own version of Berserk, but the release anime fans have been waiting on for many years.

That was our most sought-after ports for the Nintendo Switch, but what about yours? Feel we’ve left any off? Want to let us know your personal order of the above games (or add to our new ‘Switch Extras sections?). Hit those comments and let us know!

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