The NES and SNES Classic Mini are the much-welcomed results of Nintendo finally flexing their retro library muscle! Pre-orders have broken supply, ebay bosses are rubbing their hands together and we can’t help but wonder what Nintendo will release next.


Remember the first N64 shots published? The console was refereed to as the ‘Ultra 64’ back in 1995. I still think the Ultra 64 Mini sounds better.

While many are betting on a certain Nintendo handheld release, our money would firmly be on an N64 Classic Mini. Here are the main reasons why I think the N64 is next to be hit with the Ninty shrink ray:

– During July of last year, Nintendo were found to have renewed their patent on the N64 controller. With both the NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles offering updated versions of the original pad designs, the patents strongly point to securing rights for the purpose of an updated N64 Classic Mini controller.

– A Classic Mini of Nintendo’s original handheld just wouldn’t make sense right now. This is mainly due to the markets demand for HD retro gaming; something Gameboy games aren’t exactly crying-out for.

– The market already has some strong retro recreations for Nintendo’s handheld, but an N64 has always been something even emulator creators have had on-going issues with. Nintendo capitalising on this sooner rather than later, would be of higher benefit to the company.

What games would you like to see launch with the N64 Classic Mini? Oh, and are you an N64 fan or an Ultra 64 fan?