This is possibly one of the most impressive and detailed Naruto figures we’ve seen. Released in October, this amazing figure has Hatake Kakashi squatting as he calculates his teams next move.

naruto_shippuden hatake kakashi figure

Hatake Kakashi after summoning his ninja dog (Pakkun)

This Hatake Kakashi figure is not only finely detailed but offers a fully removable jacket. Kakashi’s ninja dog summon (Pakkun) is also fully removable and is just as exceptionally detailed.

hatake kakashi removable jacket

Kakashi’s jacked is fully removable

Even without Pakku and the combat jacket, Kakashi’s clothing and body detail is extraordinary. The effort that has gone into the crease detail, hip pouch and leg bandages, really help bring the character to life!

hatake kakashi figure back

Small details really help bring Kakashi to life!

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