PlayStation Plus is seriously pumping-out the content. Each month brings fantastic new games to enjoy and we can’t help but think PS Move gun games will soon begin to creep their way onto the ‘Instant games’ section (or at least be made available at irresistible prices).

Our PS Move gun review section will go over just about every PlayStation Move gun attachment out there, in a quest to highlight the best of the best. Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more difficult to find local retail stores that sell PS Move gun accessories (even the official Sony ones!) but fear not, you can head online and grab just about any PS Move gun attachment available. To make sure you only buy the best of what the web has to offer, read on…

Official Sony PS Move Gun AttachmentAvg Price: £9 – Best Price Online: £4.50

Sony's official PS3 Move gun attachment

Sony’s official PS3 Move gun attachment

The official hand gun attachment for the PlayStation move offers a very sleek and stylish design. The gun is rounded off and finished beautifully and the tones of red, impressive white pistol butt finish and quality Allen key assembly help earn this gun attachment its ‘official’ stamp. Pairing with the PS Move motion controller is easy, with buttons either side of the gun that are pressed and pulled back to release the upper casing and allow easy access for the Move controllers. Simply press the top casing back on to securely hold the motion controller in place.

In Game

This official gun attachment is light and comfortable in-game. The trigger is incredibly responsive and the PS Move motion controller is so securely positioned during play, calibration seems to hold well throughout. At this point you’re probably wondering why we used the word ‘seems’ when referring to calibration? Well, unfortunately this is because Sony’s official gun attachment has no form of iron sight. While calibration seemed to hold in the correct area, it would have been nice to use an iron sight to line-up that perfect shot.

D4G Verdict

Sony’s official gun may look a little too futuristic at first, but we’re confident this little attachment will grow on you. The design is smooth and fits comfortably in the hand. The trigger is very responsive and its quality build and very secure fastening of the motion controller, simply make this official attachment a must for every PS Move gun game enthusiast (especially now you can pick it up for a fiver or less!). Our only negative is the absence of an iron sight.

D4G review 4 out of 5
BUY IT: Superb build quality with a reliable trigger – Now available at some amazing prices!

CONSIDER: – No iron sight can make it a little more difficult to pull-off those essential head shots.

D4G Award: Outstanding build quality!

build d4g awards

Speed Link PeacemakerAvg Price: £12 – Best Price Online: £10.25

speed link peacemaker gun

The Peacemaker comes in the form of a hefty magnum. The length of the gun (and PS Move slot along the barrel area) will have you easily mistaking the Peacemaker for a sawn off shotgun. An iron sight clip and an under-barrel button make for easy pairing with the PS Move motion controller. The Peacemaker also offers a solid and comfortable grip with added detail for the revolver cylinder and hammer (non functional/movable details).

In Game

The Peacemaker’s trigger responds well under pressure and the barrels length enable comfortable two-handed play. However, the barrel seems a little too wide (or under padded) to absorb the motion controllers vibrations. This can result in a much louder and prolonged feedback than with most other PS move gun attachments. We also found this lead to the PS Move motion controller slightly moving throughout play, which would lead to the aim going off. Regular re-calibrations would be necessary for accuracy but this wouldn’t be such an issue with more aim forgiving titles such as House Of The Dead 4 (using in-game Uzi’s).

D4G Verdict

The Peacemaker PS Move gun attachment looks great in the hand with its realistic detail. The grip makes comfortable gun play but regular calibration will be necessary if you wish for good accuracy. The Peacemaker is best suited to shotgun or machine gun style games (e.g. House Of The Dead 3 & 4 and Time Crisis: Razing Storm). Don’t let this put you off the Peacemaker though, as we were still able to complete House The Dead 3 on normal difficulty (easily one of the toughest console gun game ports. Just try beating it with default issued life and credits!).

review coin op 3 out of 5
BUY IT: Realistic revolver design (rare for PS3) – Can be used with two hands to give a better feel of more heavier in-game weaponry (shotguns, sub-machine guns etc.).

CONSIDER: Very large design for a handgun – Regular recalibration will be necessary

D4G Award: Most realistic revolver hand gun design!