I’ve enjoyed being an all-platform gamer for many years. One of those platforms is a desktop PC (mainly used for work) but with a recent purchase of a more powerful gaming laptop, I began shopping around for a few PC games I could enjoy, all while testing out the new wonders of my new hardware. However, just before purchasing a game, I suddenly remembered something…wasn’t there a way I could play XBOX Game Pass games on my Laptop, without having to pay anything extra? (as I already had a subscription for my console).

How to play your existing XBOX Game Pass games on your PC

Microsoft have released XBOX Beta. This is pretty much an app that launches a mini XBOX store and will allow you to download and play certain Xbox Game Pass games on your PC. Check out our guide below on how to download, install and start playing on PC:

1. First, you will need to make sure the subscription you have on your XBOX One is Game Pass Ultimate (if your current subscription is not Ultimate, it will not carry across to your PC at no extra cost).

xbox game pass pc

Head to the link below to download the XBOX Beta app

2. Head to the following link and click the ‘Get Started’ button. Make sure you have the latest updates for Windows 10 (it will tell you that you already need Xbox Beta but ignore this, as this will install it for you)


3. Click ‘Run’ on the download file prompt to begin installing the XBOX Beta app on your PC:

install xbox game pass pc

Making things awesome – The ace card Xbox One currently has over Sony, finally comes to PC!

4. Once the app is installed, enter your Xbox One account details and it will link with your newly installed XBOX Beta PC app!

xbox game pass on pc

Time to enjoy your Game Pass games on your desktop or laptop!

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