Retro consoles are now becoming a regular thing within the gaming market. Pre-loaded (built-in) handheld systems and built-in living room consoles are being sold by many 3rd party companies to cash-in on the retro enthusiast. However, it didn’t matter how many of these quick cash-ins you purchased, they never truly quenched that retro gaming thirst.

That was until Hyperkin announced the RetroN5:

retron5 console black

The RetroN5 will allow you to enjoy games from 10 retro consoles in HDMI quality! Yes, an HDMI retro console!

What if we told you that this retro all-in-one console could play all your old NES/Famicon), SNES/Super Famicon, Mega Drive/Genesis, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Colour and original Gameboy games…straight from the actual cartridges!

[Update] Due to many articles from other websites over the past few months, many now believe that the RetroN5 uses an ‘enhanced Android OS’ for emulation. This is NOT true. Hyperkin have made clear to us that RetroN5 uses ‘hardware emulation’ to play original cartridges.

Read more on what RetroN5 emulation actually means, why it’s now misconceived and why it was the reason for the RetronN5’s delay.

retron5 console grey

The RetroN5 is available in two colours and if you don’t wish to use Hyperkin’s own, use any of the supported consoles original controllers!

ON TOP OF ALL THAT…the Retron5 uses an HDMI cable to upscale every game to 720p (there are even settings to tweak to your liking). PLUS – as well as a bluetooth controller, you’ll still be able to use all the original consoles controllers via special ports at the side of the console!

For retro gamers, the RetroN is shaping-up to be the best old-school console the gaming industry has ever seen! Hit ebay, stock up on those cartridges because you’re gonna need ’em!

[Update] Hyperkin has announced that the RetroN5 will ship this week. After much delay (due to the hardware having to be completely rebuilt) Hyperkin have confirmed that new stock has arrived and will begin shipping. Read more on why the RetroN5 needed to be rebuilt.

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