Reason 4: Dreamcast Games on PSVITA

The PSVITA has only been on sale for just over 3 months and that has already been more than enough time to show just a tad of the hand-helds horsepower. We’ve looked more into the PSVITA’s graphical ability and we’ve also looked at how beautiful future FPS games can look on the PSVITA. But there is still one particular library of games that will not only have customers queuing-up downloads online, but will still be no math for the PSVITA’s power…and that’s Dreamcast games!

What would it be like playing Shenmue, Soul Calibur, Blue Stinger, Headhunter, Berserk, PowerStone and more, on your PSVITA? I could easily happen! Just like our other post explains (PSVITA’s hidden games line-up), there is a huge number of existing games that Sony can easily bring to PSVITA. Sony’s new hand-held wonder is not only more than capable of bringing you every Dreamcast game you’ve ever loved, but it’s capable of allowing you to experience them at an incredible 60fps!

dreamcast psvita store

How PSVITA's PSN could look offering you Dreamcast classics!

Just think of it…logging into PSN via your PSVITA (or PS3) and browsing and downloading from an iconic collection of Dreamcast games! Sony’s PSVITA is not only capable of running these games in terms of power, but due to the consoles latest design tweaks, it is also capable of porting all control methods, thanks to the introduction of a second analog stick.

This is an exciting project for Sony’s new hand-held and it’s incredibly likely due to SEGA already releasing Dreamcast classics on XBL and PSN. Remember, even if such Dreamcast publishers choose to re-release such games as HD remakes, (such as Silent Hill, Devil May Cry and God of War) the PSVITA would still be more than capable of playing such HD ports! The potential is HUGE and just keeps getting more and more exciting for PSVITA owners!

What Dreamcast games would you like to see on the PSVITA first? Get posting and let us know!

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