CD Projekt Red have recently announced plans to update The Witcher 3 with a new game+ mode. This is amazing news, because if any game could take the most advantage of such a game mode, it would be the mighty Witcher 3!

Two key points to remember for the game+ mode, are that all enemies will be leveled-up to 30. This also means that if you completed the game below level 30, you’ll automatically be boosted to level 30 for game+. Great news for those who finished underpowered, but even better news for those who can now enjoy reaching level 30, with no danger of making game+ a complete walk-through.

Witcher 3 game plus mode

Geralt of Rivia looked out from Drahim Castle and thought to himself ‘Game+ mode, huh? BRING IT ON!’

Items you’ll keep for the game+ mode:

– Skill tree abilities (you’ll also be awarded a ‘Potion of Clearance’, allowing you to re-organise your skill tree!)

– All alchemy ingredients

– All crafting items

Items that will not follow Geralt into game+ mode:

– Any quest-related items

– Gwent cards (we can already hear the groans)

– Any usable items

– Trophies

At the moment, it’s looking like all food and pre-mixed potions won’t be following Geralt (good thing you can’t go mad brewing huge potion stashes, then). Trophies will also disappear, but if you’ve been taking advantage of Roach, you should have enough weapon and armour bonuses, not to really miss them.

The game+ mode update will not only add to the replayability of Witcher 3, but give peace of mind to those who were sceptical of completing the game before CD Projeckt Red released their two major DLC’s.

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