Microsoft have released the new Xbox 360 Slim E (aka: XBOX 360 Slim GO) . This time, everything is touch button, the overall console is slightly smaller and it no longer sounds like your PC on a hot summers day.

However, many gamers are very confused as to how they can upgrade hard drive sizes on their new XBOX 360 E/GO consoles: (all answers to these questions are further down)

xbox 360 slim e go console

Can you upgrade the hard drive on new 360 Slim E/GO? Read on to find out…

D4Gameplay contacted Microsoft to clear-up this confusion. Here is the updated FAQ on the new XBOX 360 Slim E/Go Console:

Q: Can I replace the 4GB hard drive that comes with the new 360 Slim E/Go for larger one? (hard drive upgrade)

A: YES! Many people are being told they can only use the 4GB hard drive. This is NOT true. You can upgrade to the 250GB slim hard drive or 320GB slim hard drive.

D4G Tip: Always buy official XBOX 360 hard drives to guarantee compatibility and long lifespan


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D4G Tip: Many gamers online are confusing ‘external’ storage and ‘internal’ storage. ‘Internal’ storage are memory devices inserted inside the system (like the official XBOX 360 Hard Drives). ‘External’ storage are memory devices connected outside of the device (i.e. the official XBOX 360 USB Stick).

Q: Can I use my old 360 hard drive with the new 360 Slim E/Go?
A: You can use your old 360 hard drive as long as it is of newer ‘slim’ design.

D4G Tip: If your spare 360 hard drive needed to be inserted into your 360 console, (not attached onto its side) then it will be compatible with the new XBOX 360 E/Go.

Q: Can I use my 360 flash drive USB stick with the new 360 Slim E/Go?
A: Yes. All official XBOX 360 USB sticks (USB flash drives) can be used with the new XBOX 360 Slim E/Go.

D4G Tip: If you wish to use a non official USB stick, make sure it doesn’t exceed the highest capacity official XBOX 360 USB stick (to maximize the chance of compatibility).

Q: Instead of having to upgrade the 4GB hard drive, can I simply purchase a new XBOX 360 Slim E/Go with a bigger hard drive?
A: Yes, many retailers are now stocking 250GB stand-alone consoles as well as console game bundles.

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