Kickstarter and Steam: Greenlight have seen many retro FPS and top-down post apocalyptic action games. Few have been genuine RPG designs and even fewer have shown platinum selling potential. Will To Survive shows such promise and is currently on Steam: Greenlight.

Will To Survive is set well into an alien invasion. Major cities have been conquered by alien forces and it’s now a desperate struggle for mankind. You play as Will, a strong-minded survivor with the sense and attitude to survive. Gameplay will see you carefully planning your way through alien-infested streets, scavenging supplies, surviving alien ambushes and building safe houses.

will to survive rpg battle

Will To Survive allows players to experience a more realistic take on turn-based RPG battles. You can’t simply rely on luck and armor in this apocalypse…

The first thing that caught our eye with Will To Survive, was its unique anime-like art style and realistic RPG battle sequences. For years we’ve enjoyed toe-to-toe turn-based battles and hectic real-time hack n’ slash combat. It’s incredibly refreshing to see an RPG that not only presents a new battle style, but plays more to reality in terms of survival. Standing Rambo-style isn’t going to get you through an alien invasion. Picking-off targets from cover while using items you’ve carefully scavenged, is the key to survive!

will to survive world

Will To Survive is all about observation and battle strategy. Scavenge from anything and always be prepared for the next battle!

One other major gameplay element that makes Will To Survive stand-out from other RPG’s, is its real-time game world system. This means that even when you leave the game, Will still needs to survive! During your time away our main protagonist could loose crafted defenses, team mates or even starve to death!

Will To Survive will also support cross platform play (being able to continue on mobile and tablet devices will increase your chances of survival).

At the time of publication, Will To Survive is still very much a ‘work in progress’ but the concept put across easily marks it as one of Greenlight’s strongest indie games. The games creator (Alex Dawson) has also worked for Zoe Mode, (creating games such as XBOX 360 Kinect’s Haunt and PS3’s Super Deluxe Chime) giving him strong credibility to not only get the job done, but produce a world that fans will want to dive into and experience for a long while to come.

will to survive battle art

A unique anime art style and realistic turn-based battle system help Will To Survive stand out from other RPG’s

Currently Will To Survive is purely a survival simulator. No back story or progressive story has been announced (we’ll update this page with more details as soon as we get them). Whether the game will need to continuously run in the background (on PC, mobile or tablet) has also yet to be finalised.

What do you think? Will To Survive looks to be a solid RPG but will the addition of real-time survival work? Do you long for a more realistic RPG but with a more traditional, progressive plot or are you more interested in how these realistic mechanics could work within a real-time word?

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