Those of you who made Ashley Williams a love interest in the first game and maintained their loyalty to her throughout the second, will no doubt wonder if Ashley Williams will return in Mass Effect 3 and what part Ashley Williams will play? Will she have a major role and will you still be able to continue or start a relationship with Ashley Williams in Mass Effect 3?

ashley williams mass effect_3

Will Ashley Williams play a major role in Mass Effect 3?

We really want to see Ashley back in the third game, so we’ve put together everything we currently know about Ashley Williams and Mass Effect 3:

– It has been officially confirmed via news and images that Ashley Williams WILL appear in Mass Effect 3. Her look has changed since the past two games and she has more of a feminine look (her hair is down and she appears to have taken more of a liking to cosmetics)

ashley returns mass effect_3

Just like Miranda, Ashley Williams can handle herself. Will her character triumph over the genetically modified Cerberus leader?

– Officially released Mass Effect 3 images suggest that Ashley may start at (or be promoted to) Spectre status

– Miranda Lawson is said to only have “some” role in Mass Effect 3

ashley williams spectre mass effect_3

Will Ashley Williams become a Spectre in Mass Effect 3? Will this help secure a major role for the character? Clicking this image also reveals that Ashley may have taken Shepard's place as Spectre...promoting him further...

D4G’s thoughts on Ashley Williams in Mass Effect 3:

It looks promising for Ashley Williams. The second game seemed to push Ashley aside for the introduction of Miranda Lawson, but her possible death and possible brief appearance in Mass Effect 3, tells us that this was a simple decision maker for the third and final game. Miranda may appear only according to your relationship with her (and if she survived the 2nd game). This could very well mean that if you remained loyal to Ashley Williams, she’ll push Miranda’s role aside in Mass Effect 3.

BioWare has also put much more effort into Ashley Willinams’ appearance, giving her a much more detailed and feminine look. This added to the high chance of her becoming or even starting Mass Effect 3 as a Spectre, means that BioWare wish Ashley Williams to return as a major character.

Judging from what we’ve seen and read, BioWare will reward those who have maintained their loyalty throughout the first two games.