One of the toughest RPG games of all time is easily Dark Souls by FROM SOFTWARE. No other game has ever made the player feel completely and utterly vulnerable throughout, with relentless and surprising enemies, unexpected boss encounters (including one incredibly early into the games tutorial) and an upgrade system that’s pretty much left down to the player to work out.

dark souls intro

This is Dark Souls. Prepare to die...allot more than you usually would!

Are we putting you off of Dark Souls? Don’t be! It’s an incredible, beautiful and challenging experience that blends Lord Of The Rings with Sinbad. There’s nothing better than a game that demands strategic combat, leveling-up, upgrading and item purchasing throughout and Dark Souls offers this far better than any other game out there.

Dark Souls Character Building Tips

Dark Souls may be a masterpiece of role playing craftsmanship, character design and immersing level design but those who’s tempers are starting to ignite via countless “You Died” screens, are going to need a helping hand. This is no game guide (where’s the strategy and adventure in that?) but a few good tips on preparing yourself for the treacherous depths of Dark Souls.

dark souls create character

The secret to Dark Souls is good character balance. A character that can deal damage from any distance with blade and magic

Basic Soul Gathering tips

In Dark Souls, your life depends on the souls of those you have defeated in battle. The entire game revolves around souls and your level-ups, weapon and armour upgrades, magic development and even item purchasing all depend on these. You can stealth attack and also perform a devastating power strike with most weapons, so practice executing these and use them as many times as you can, because killing an enemy with these techniques will gain you more souls!

Collecting Souls

Many RPG’s out there have taught us gamers to fight, fight and then fight some more. Such bold strategies often lead to huge increases in levels and faster boss battles. However, in Dark Souls you’ll have to reach a bonfire in order to use those precious souls, so be careful! Don’t fall into the trap of collecting large amounts of souls for your next bonfire visit. If you die, you increase your chances of losing the lot! Play safe, battle smart and as soon as you acquire the souls needed for that extra level, upgrade or item…use them!

dark souls bonfire

There are too many powerful enemies in the world of Dark Souls. Don't carelessly loose your souls. Use them the first chance you get!

Leveling-up in Dark Souls

FROM SOFTWARE’S RPG masterpiece is one unforgiving adventure. Don’t expect bosses to give-away an obvious weak point. Don’t expect areas to be safe and without high leveled and hard hitting enemies, after that intense boss battle. If you’re to make it through Dark Souls without the need of a walk-through, you’re going to need to seriously make your character bad-ass…and fast!

Think about how those tough enemies and bosses attack, recover and counter. Are you getting pummeled to death only being able to go toe-to-toe with a sword? Are close combat enemies getting the better of you because you need them to be at distance with that bow or or staff? Are multiple enemies slowing you down and taking advantage of your lack of defensive techniques?

The best offensive strategy in Dark Souls is that which allows you to effectively attack at close and ranged distances. Sorcerers may have the upper hand at a distance (including boss battles) but faster enemies can get in close and annihilate you. Spells also deplete with use and you’ll always need a bonfire to replenish.

Warriors and Knights may have the close combat skills but a huge boss or powerful enemy may have the upper hand in close combat. Don’t be fooled into thinking it must be magic or the blade…combine them to create one balanced and powerful character!

dark souls knight magic

Remember, you don't need a cloak to cast magic. If you simply stick to one method of attack, you're going to make life allot harder for yourself...

When you begin Dark Souls you’ll need to focus on your strength, endurance and magic abilities. This will allow you to create a character that’s effective at close combat and ranged attacks. Before you ask…YES, Dark Souls gives you the ability to cast magic with ANY character. This means you can have a warrior or a Knight that can effectively use magic. So get working on the ultimate Dark Souls warrior!

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Dark Souls Beginners Tip: Just started playing and getting pummeled to death by Skeleton Swordsmen? YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY! Instead, head back to the bonfire and take a left. You’ll see stairs that lead up a hill. Your Dark Souls adventure now begins. Good luck!