Call of Duty: Black Ops has certainly impressed game critics, with an average score of 90%. Single player game-time has been slightly increased over Modern Warfare 2 and multiplayer currency and choice-perks, have proved to be a hit with gamers. However, the solo campaign and multiplayer aspects aren’t the only things hitting game critic headlines. Call of Duty: Black Ops also offers a hidden (well, it was before the reviews) top-down arcade extra!

Call of Duty Black Ops Dead Ops Arcade

Dead Ops Arcade is a hidden extra, tucked-away within Call of Duty: Black Ops menu screens

Dead Ops arcade is a top-down shooter, which will see you blasting away hordes of the undead and collecting cash pick-ups, to exchange for bigger and better weapons.

cod dead ops arcade

Such a game would usually cost a fair amount on XBL or PSN. However, it's simply a FREE extra with COD: Black Ops!

Dead Ops Arcade is a more graphically enhanced Smash TV, but with all the addictive gameplay still intact.

dead ops arcade

Nice visuals and addictive gameplay, make Dead Ops Arcade a welcoming extra

After some disappointing reviews of Medal of Honour, it’s refreshing to see a developer (Treyarch) go all-out on not just the game itself, but extra content. It’s a superb addition and something you can kick-back and relax with, once you’ve completed the single player campaign or while you’re waiting for friends to get online.