Hands up for those who’ve completed Borderlands 2, yet? Silly question…of course you have! (but if you’re still yet to play, you’re really missing out on possibly one of the best local co-op games of all time!). Smashed the True Vault Hunter Mode? Only the best of the best need apply, but how are you getting along with the DLC?

borderlands 2 fast travel system

Downloaded Pirate’s Booty or Mr Torgue DLC, but can’t see their locations at Fast Travel? Read on for help!

You may have read on DLC descriptions and some reviews, that Borderlands 2 DLC should easily appear on your Fast Travel system. In fact, it SHOULD appear on any fast travel system as soon as you’ve downloaded Captain Scarlett and her Pirates Booty or Mr Torgue’s  Campaign of Carnage. However, many of us are having issues finding these.

Panic not, vault hunter! Read on to find out how to fix these issues.


Captain Scarlett and her Pirates Booty – Will Display as –  ‘Oasis’ on Fast Travel system

Mr Torgue’s  Campaign of Carnage – Will Display as – ‘Badass Crater of Badassitude’ on Fast Travel system

Solution 1 – Character Level: Many gamers think the DLC locations are unlocked at level 20. In fact, Pirate’s Booty (OASIS) is actually accessible from as low as level 15 (as far as we know). Enemies also seem to balance to your character level (only being a couple above). Some gamers also think DLC enemies are level 50 (to meet True Vault Hunters needs) but this isn’t the case. They simply best match your character/s.

Fast Travel Location: Many gamers are also reporting that only specific Fast Travel systems will grant access to Borderlands 2 DLC locations. With testing, we have proven this theory wrong. In fact, you should be able to access this anywhere in the game, although we’d recommend attempting to hit the DLC after Sanctuary is in the air.

Console Cache (in system settings): Gamers are reporting that clearing their systems cache and then restarting Borderlands 2, solves their problem and allows the game to recognise DLC locations within the Fast Travel systems.

borderlands 2 oasis dlc

The XBL connection solution (below) is most effective at solving a majority of DLC Fast Travel issues

XBOX LIVE Connection (* Popular fix): After allot of testing, it appears all DLC content requires an Xbox Live connection on Borderlands 2 load-up, in order to communicate to the servers and make sure DLC content is downloaded and installed.

For example:

Local Co-Op Play: You and your local (sofa) co-op buddy download Captain Scarlett and her Pirates Booty DLC. You restart the game (with your network cable attached to each others consoles) but strangely the DLC location (OASIS) is missing from the Fast Travel systems.

SOLUTION: Before every game start, make sure both consoles are connected to the internet (by disconnecting network co-op cable). Once you’re both at the front-end, check your ‘Downloadable Content’ list. All downloaded content should now say ‘Installed’ next to them. Go back to your character screen, reconnect your network co-op cable (console may temporarily freeze for a bit…but don’t worry) and continue.

We hope this helps make your Borderlands DLC experience run a little more smoothly. Feel free to post your findings and other fixes, below.