Next-gen consoles are here. PC gamers are now researching, saving and buying everything they need to build next-gen beating games machines. While the obvious CPU, RAM and GPU upgrades are a must, what about the leap from HD to SSD?

hyperx le 120gb ssd boxed

The new HyperX Limited Edition 120GB SSD from Kingston. Build your next-gen PC at a great price!

Kingston has sent us their new HyperX Limited Edition 120GB SSD. With a read speed of 555mb per second and write speed of 510mb per second, it’s already an impressive SSD for around the £80 mark (you may even find some better prices if you shop around). This Hyper X is a Limited Edition and offers an eye-catching yellow base design with the ‘Hyper X’ black cross finish. This is one bright and good looking SSD.

For this Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 120GB SSD Review, we tested it at optimal SATA 6Gb/s connection. It’s also worth noting that this SSD is also backwards compatible with SATA Rev 2.0 3Gb/s connections (for those with older motherboards) but please only expect our review results if you’re connecting your HyperX SSD with the faster SATA 6Gb/s connection.

hyperx limited edition 120gb ssd review

Our Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 120GB review will put SSD head-to-head with our trusty old hard drives. It’s time to see the real difference!

D4G will not only test the capabilities of Kingston’s new HyperX Limited Edition 120GB SSD but compare it to our trusty old HD’s. It’s time to see what the SSD is truly capable of….

During this review, the SSD will take-on the HD across boot-up, drive scanning and gaming battlegrounds. Newer and faster HD’s may be added to the review at later dates but we’ll start with our oldest HD first.

SSD vs HD: Windows 8 Boot-up – The first thing you’ll have heard about SSD’s. We stopwatch both drives to see the real SSD boot-up speeds!

SSD vs HD: AVG Anti Virus Scan – Both the drives contents are identical with no defragmentation. Will the SSD still leave the HD standing?

SSD vs HD: Game Loading Times – How will the SSD’s speed effect your gaming?  See the SSD and HD battle it out across different game genres and game loading scenarios!

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The 120GB offered by the Kingston HyperX Limited Edition SSD is superb for operating systems. This capacity not only allows for effortless default installation but gives sufficient extra space for operating system updates (something often overlooked when Windows estimates the free space needed for installation). The extra space will also allow for a few game installs at once. A perfect budget gaming SSD!