We all hear how much faster an SSD is meant to be at booting-up your PC into Windows…but exactly how much faster is it?

To make this test fair, we virus scanned using AVG Anti Virus FREE Edition and made these scans immediately after a boot-up on freshly installed copies of Windows 8 (so both scans were the very first that took place on that system).

avg antivirus hd vs ssd

Both scans were made with AVG’s AntiVirus FREE Edition. How much faster was the SSD?

Both the HD and SSD had the EXACT same files during the scan. The main drive would have the OS and design packages (Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc.) while a second HD drive would have various design work, movies and mp3’s. All files and total GB’s were the same for each scan.

HD Western Digital 80GB WDC WD740GD-50FLC0. Rev 33.08F33

Scan Time: 26 min

SSD HyperX Limited Edition 120GB 

Scan Time: 4 min 22 sec

Kingston’s HyperX Limited Edition 120GB SSD seriously gets one over for the solid state drive in this test. Over 22 minutes faster than the HD with the EXACT same OS, files and first time scan!

Virus scans are something we all know we should carry-out on a regular basis. But sitting there with nothing to do for 30 minutes (or remembering to scan at lunch or whenever you’re out) become a right pain in the backside. The SSD however, smashes these woes into dust and gives you the ability to fully scan your computer in just a few minutes.

Yes, scan times will always depend on the files you have flooding your SSD but when our main OS drive was at 60GB and secondary drive at almost 100GB…it’s safe to say that SSD is the way forward in promoting more regular anti-virus scanning.

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