Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends may be a free game for mobile (and a great little RPG), but free-to-play means you’re going to be nudged to spend real-world cash at some point. While D4G always recommend spending some form of cash on the free-to-play games you love the most, you still have to make sure you’re supporting sensibly.

As you may already know, TMNT:Legends has one of the most expensive IAP (In App Purchase) models to date. Progression depends on the growth and expansion of your characters, and doing this will require grinding for new character DNA cards or buying Card Packs. However, these packs currently cost anywhere between £8.99 and £44.99 and currently only guarantee one random character, simply making them far too much of a risk. So, what should you spend your money on, to both support the developer and progress sensibly through the game?

Greenbacks and Warp Cards


x50 Warp Cards for £1.79. Great for supporting the dev and blasting through stages, but you’ll still need pizza to use them

At first, our recommendation would’ve been a £1.79 purchase of warp cards (x50) or Greenbacks ($200). Warp cards allow you to quickly farm materials, pizza, mutagen and even Character DNA cards, without needing to fight through that stage (providing you were awarded 3 stars for it). Greenbacks allow you to buy the precious pizza you’ll need to fight or grind. However, remember that both of these are dropped from battles and/or daily rewards…so don’t go mad.

Antonios Pizza Card Pack


The Antonio’s Card Pack is currently our most recommended buy

The second (and currently our most recommended pick) is the Antonio’s Card Pack. You’ll find this by touching the pizza counter on the top of your screen. At first, we thought you’d only bag up to 1000 pizza slices, but on opening, we’ve also received up to 950 mutagen, 25 greenbacks and some useful materials. This makes the Antonio’s Card Pack a must, not only for the developer-supporting gamer, but for some much-needed help if you’re struggling to progress through the story, due to pizza and/or mutagen restrictions.

At the time of writing, we still can’t recommend any of the Brave, Heroic or Epic packs due to price vs content. However, while the warp cards and greenbacks offer some affordable support for the developers, the Anotino’s Card Pack is our current best pick for a balance of support and player progression.

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