Nintendo and online accounts have never really seen eye-to-eye. In fact, I recently sold my Wii U and external HD and to my surprise, the new owner was able to play EVERY game I had downloaded to it (even after deleting myself as a user). This begged the question – would new Switch owners be able to easily link their existing Nintendo ID accounts?

(Please note: The day-one 03/03/2017 update was applied before the below was completed)

You’ll be pleased to hear that not only did we accomplish this, but it was actually rather easy:

On your Switch’s homepage, head to your Settings menu
(the little cog at the bottom of your screen):

Scroll down to ‘User’ and then move across to highlight your account avatar:


Nintendo account settings are all stashed under the Switch’s ‘User’ settings

You’ll now be able to select ‘Link Nintendo ID Account’. Note that once you do this, you will be asked to link your Nintendo Account, first (don’t worry if you’ve forgotten, as we had to enter our email and get our password reset).


As long as your Nintendo Account was linked to your Nintendo ID, you’ll be fine

Once your Nintendo Account has been linked, your Nintendo ID should now also be linked to your Switch. To make sure, go to and once logged into your Nintendo Account, scroll down to see exactly what’s linked to it. Fingers crossed – Nintendo ID should be ticked.

Need further help? (or wish to add to this to help others?). Hit the comments section!

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