After checking out one of our most recent Switch game posts (Games That Need Porting To Nintendo Switch), you may have wondered why so many fighting games made an appearance? One of the main reasons (we won’t lie) is because many would’ve spawned from retro classics, meaning they’re simply begging for a cartridge release! The second reason…is because of this bad boy:


Hori’s Real Arcade Pro fight stick for the Nintendo Switch

Yup, the Nintendo Switch is getting it’s own arcade stick! The leak from Hori, shows their design of a Switch fight stick and also begs the questions of what fighting game will hit the Switch and how soon after the consoles launch?

Pokken Tournament (file size 4.2GB) and a Wii U Smash Bros port (15.6GB) would be our best bets, due to their easy fit to a cartridge. Injustice 2 seems to be making the betting lists around the web, but this would be a more difficult decision as it could easily breach the Switch’s 32GB restriction.

Download-only games is something Nintendo may want to steer clear of during the launch phase, due to expensive SD card costs (especially when customers have just splashed-out at least £340 for the console and Zelda).

Hit the comments and let us know what you think of the arcade stick, as well as your predictions on¬†Nintendo’s first fighting game releases?