After achieving more than 2 million downloads via mobile alone, PlayFusion have brought the amazing Lightseekers card game to Nintendo Switch! Released on the 10th of January 2019, Lightseekers adds to the deck-building strategy, with a very interesting ‘Buff card’ mechanic.

Building your strongest deck and learning the basics of how Buff cards work, will be the key to victory in Lightseekers. D4G will run over the essentials, giving you a head start against online players as well as the unforgiving AI-controlled Challengers.

Heroes, magic and Decks

A ‘Hero’ is the main character you’ll play as. Cards you play on the board are magic energy, summoned by that Hero. Each Hero in the game has a specific magic element type (a Deck), also known as an ‘Order’. Once you’ve loaded-up Lightseekers for the first time, the game will award you with your first Deck (Mountain). Tap the ‘Play’ button and select ‘Practice’.


Lightseekers will issue you with your first Hero and starter Deck. Quart is a Hero from the Mountain Deck (or Order) and this is the perfect all-round Deck

Battling these practice AI opponents will not only increase your knowledge and skill, but will also award full starter Decks of other elements. This is essential, as the game will later offer missions (challenges) for specific Decks that on completion, will give you Booster Packs, Chests and more. This will all help add to your collections and build your decks!

Building your strongest Lightseekers decks

Always strive to look over your Deck collections, study new cards and edit them to build your perfect deck. Once at the main menu, select Collections > Decks and this will allow you to look over all decks you’ve built. The main area displays all the cards you have in your currently selected deck (use the symbols at the bottom, to browse through these). On the right (from top to bottom) you’ll have your main hero cards, then your Combo cards and then your Action cards.


A limited number of card categories can be used in your battle deck. Editing your deck is performed via drag and drop. Cards in your deck (displayed as a menu on the right) will have a red number below them. Cards with white numbers are currently out of your deck. Take your time and swap them around to build your best deck.


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Hero Cards

These are pretty much the main character you play as (and the rest of the cards you play, are their magical elemental powers). The Hero card will determine your overall HP and also what special ability you may have. An example would be to heal yourself for 1 or to boost a certain cards ability (you’ll do this by simply tapping your Hero card, then tapping the ‘Ability’ option once it appears).

Deck Building Tip: Always try and match heroes to your Buff cards. A good example are certain Buff cards that will auto reset if your hero is healed. Got a hero with a basic +1 heal ability? Use it and watch your Buff card/s instantly reset!

Combo Cards

These are the most powerful Lightseekers card – but also the hardest to play. A Combo card will display several elemental symbols at the top of it. This will mean a card of each element will need to be sacrificed from your hand, in order to play it. Remember, you can also sacrifice other Combo cards in your hand (if the sacrificed Combo card displays any elements required, it’s counted towards it – but only one of each). It may help activate your combo card faster, but can you afford to loose the other?

Deck Building Tip: Always try and choose Combo cards with a higher chance of being activated. Simply do this by making sure the required elements (of your currently selected Combo cards) are generously scattered throughout your action card deck. The last thing you want is to find your short on the required elements, mid-battle!

Action Cards

These are made up of attack, defence and Buff cards (more on the latter, below). You need to make sure you have a balance of standard attacking cards but with a a good amount of defensive and healing Buffs.


While building and selecting your ideal Deck, it’s also good to remember the following strengths for each elemental Deck type:

Mountain – A Deck considered to offer elements with jack-of-all-trades. Mountain will offer the Hero a balance of steady attack, healing and defensive elements.

Storm – Combo cards cost less to activate and are also more powerful. Storm Decks are also strong at countering opponent Buff cards, with good healing and damage reduction elements.

Dread – Designed to work away at the opponents health with draining effects, such as poison and Leach (stealing health from your opponent). Dread can also manipulate the draw pile, sabotaging late-game tactics for the opposition. Expect a longer battle with Dread Decks (especially if two Dread Decks are fighting each other).

Tech – Offers the Hero stronger attacking Buffs but ones so powerful, the player can easily be caught in the blast radius! Tech elements can also manipulate time, using elements to bring back previously played cards or even see (and select) from future cards!

Nature – This Deck may lack in burst healing elements, but it easily makes up for this by having more attack, play and maintenance control over its Buff cards.

Astral – Enables heavy manipulation of the Deck order, from organising and bringing-in previously played cards, to building card draw-chains, triggering easier Combo card play.

Buff Cards – The players most important Lightseeker card


Buffs are essential to winning in Lightseekers. Above, you’ll see my buff (from the Nature Order/Deck) reducing damage from my opponent. Buffs can help defend, attack and offer many other mid-battle perks!

Lightseekers main attraction (and most interesting game mechanic) are its Buff cards. Once played, these cards will remain on the play area an rotate for a number of turns (automatically healing, attacking or defending for those turns). Make no mistake, Buff cards determine a win or loss. Never solely relay on strong attack cards, as your opponent will just brush them off with counter attacks, shields or healing elements from Buff cards.

Deck Building Tip: After every card unlock, look-over your current Decks and switch cards to make sure you’re equipped with your strongest Combo cards. Having trouble with a certain AI opponent? Note their strongest attack or Buff cards and edit your Deck accordingly.

Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for Lightseekers and I’m really enjoying the game. The ability to scan retail Lightseekers card packs (bringing their digital versions into your Switch game), is just amazing!

Check back for more tips and updates on this amazing digital card battle game.