Apex Legends is all about team communication and to ensure your entire team doesn’t get put-down at drop-down! Check out D4G’s essential tips to hit the ground running:

Stick together or split? – It’s all about the party and enemy squad count

Once you begin to jet-down, it’s usually best to stay attached and stick together. This is essential if at least one teammate isn’t part of your headset party (as you can’t communicate effectively). However, if you’re part of the same party, splitting can be a plus if used correctly.


Most of the time it’s best to drop as one unit, but if one team is a little too close for comfort, the element of surprise is everything!

– Make full use of the camera and help your drop master locate enemies by simply double-tapping the Ping button. Try your best to judge the enemies landing points as you descend, helping the Jumpmaster navigate to a safe drop-zone.

– Splitting-up is only recommended if you’re all in the same party. Eventually, every team will hit a hostile hot zone (where at least one other team has landed at the same location). This is where it can be beneficial to split in the air. Once your teammates have spotted/pinged estimated enemy drop-zones (while you’re all jetting down), communicate with each other and decide who will split-off. This is a great way to attempt to flank a nearby team as soon as you hit the ground. Remember, if they’ve spotted your drop-zone, they’ll be on-route to wipe your team out! If you’ve managed to split to attempt to surround and flank the enemy, you actually stand a better chance of grabbing good gear and countering the enemies attack.

*This tactic is only fully-effective when up-against one other team. If you’re unfortunate enough to land with multiple enemy teams, you’re better of slugging it out as a full unit.

Make sure the team is armed evenly

Hitting a hostile hot zone can easily cause you and your teammates to panic, forcing each player to go full-on ‘Deathmatch-mode’ (each player gathering as much weapons and armour as they can carry – totally forgetting about his/her teammates!). If your team catches this bug, your chances of survival plummet. Stay calm and make sure your team is evenly equipped for battle.

Here are some examples of tough decisions that will help your squad:

*Managed to grab a tasty rifle and shotgun, but one player only has a pistol? – Drop the shotgun so pistol-boy at least has something heavy at close range!
*Lucky enough to have a level 2/3 body shield but at least one teammate has one poor weapon and no/level 1 gear? – Get the tooled-up teammate to drop higher-level gear and maybe donate a better weapon if you can.


Apex Legends is all about the loot…but it isn’t just about you. Make sure your team is balanced or your drop will be short-lived!

The key to the above is finding, dropping and making sure the weakest armed teammate is better equipped as soon as possible. Remember, sometimes is takes a little more than pinging the location of better equipment (it can simply take far too long to find).

This ain’t COD. Armour pick-ups are everything!

Ever had that game where you (and even at least one other teammate) have pumped enough lead into an enemy to drop a rhino, but you still got dropped? Yup, that’s down to higher-level gear. Once your team hit the ground, it can be too tempting to devote all your time to seeking out the best weapons. However, the hard truth is that pistol-boy will probably have a better chance at whopping your ass if he’s packing purple or gold gear (level 3 or 4)…and you’re stuck with nothing, or white (level 1).


Apex Legend’s ‘Ping’ system may be great to help a teammate find gear…but you may not have that long! When in doubt, drop gear to help out!

*Level 4 (gold) body shields even offer added perks, such as a full shield recharge upon a successful finisher! Get searching and strengthen your entire team.

D4G wish you all long drops and deserted supply ships (yup, I’ve had that a couple of times and it was pretty sweet!). Keep it here for more tips on the amazing Apex Legends.