Released back in 1990, Final Fantasy III was Square’s first multi-million selling game of the franchise. Undergoing a full 3D remake, Final Fantasy III was then re-released in 2006 to repeat the very same success. Taking into consideration the popularity, 3D graphics and the powerful gaming platforms that mobile handsets have become, Square have finally released a dedicated 3D version for Android gamers…and it looks fantastic!

final fantasy 3 android

Final Fantasy III is now available to buy on Google Play!

Hitting Google Play at £10.99 (being one of the most expensive Android games on Google Play) Final Fantasy III justifies its price tag (like all Final Fantasy games do) by improving on the games 3D visuals but more importantly…tweaking and perfecting the games touch controls. As we pointed out in our RPG’S on your mobile article, Android touch controls are best suited to the RPG, so Square taking their time to perfect such controls even more, is great news for Final Fantasy fans.

final fantasy III 3d battle

The Final Fantasy III 3D remake looks incredible on the Android!

Our only concern are free-to-play (and charge to complete) games that have taken Google Play by storm. Can Final Fantasy III compete and will it hit and stay in the top five sellers list? We certainly hope so as Square will only continue to feed us RPG lovers dedicated Android games if sales make it worthwhile. Basically, if you love Square RPG’s and have and Android phone…get purchasing!

Have you been playing Square’s new Android release? If so, help others by hitting the comments below and posting your handsets performance with Final Fantasy III.