Crunchyroll Bringing Anime to your PS3 and PSVITA

Crunchyroll Bringing Anime to your PS3 and PSVITA

As many anime fans will already know, Crunchyroll is the best place to watch the very best anime releases (Naruto and Bleach are our favourites!) and more importantly, support the teams behind creating them. With HD streaming anime movies and series, Crunchyroll is the best place to begin and continue feeding your anime hunger!

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Love your games? Get lost in their stories? Do yourself a favour and checkout Crunchyroll! Bleach is a perfect place to start, with Naruto being a masterclass in character development and storytelling

Many of us have either used our desktops, laptops or PS3’s to view Crunchyroll’s shows. While the PS3 browser still needs a little more polish, 480 HD streams have still been an absolute joy to experience on your sofa! BUT…Crunchyroll have now announced a dedicated app for the PS3 that will allow flawless viewing of all Crunchyroll shows!

The Crunchyroll PS3 app will be released this summer. The PSVITA version has been planned for a release later this year.

4 Responsesto “Crunchyroll Bringing Anime to your PS3 and PSVITA”

  1. avatar ArchTheLad says:

    Damn, the Crunchyroll app is already out on the US PSN!

  2. avatar Mataka says:

    Great! The existing PS3 browser needs a lot of work so an app is good news!

  3. avatar georgeD says:

    Crunchyroll on the PS3 is awesome! If only they could release all episodes of Fairy Tail!

  4. avatar MESSI says:

    Real glad to hear this. The current PS3 browser keeps freezing on me so a Crunchyroll app is most welcome!

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