First there was Devil May Cry, a Gothic fast-paced action game that re-defined 360 combat. The swift and precise manner you could maneuver Dante, gave the PS2 analog stick it’s true purpose. Four games on and with a reboot in the works, (the trendy new word for both movie directors and game devs) Devil May Cry gave birth to a new heroin…this time with awesome visuals, boot-mounted guns and a butt you could stare at all day!

Bayonetta 360

Selling over one million copies in it's first month, Bayonetta was a great success

Bayonetta was created from the mind of Hideki Kamiya, who was also responsible for the birth of Dante (Devil May Cry). While Bayonetta was very similar to Devil May Cry, it also offered fans a sexy new heroin. Bayonetta was Lara Croft with attitude and everything from her simple strut, to her wicked weaves, oozed sex appeal. Of course, Bayonetta was a truly awesome game in itself, so we all had an excuse for our girlfriends (when they’d always walk-in during “that cutscene”).

who should play bayonetta

Bayonetta was the perfect sexy heroin, but if the game ever made it to the big-screen, who could play Bayonetta?

Who Could Play Bayonetta?

Lets pretend we’ve all just heard news on IGN, that Platinum games have offered the rights for a Bayonetta film. The legal paperwork has been dealt with, the script is being penned…but the main actress is yet to be finalized. Who should play Bayonetta?

We don’t want this to be the first good actress who signs-up for it. She must be able to have that well spoken accent (convincingly), have the build of Bayonetta, give that trademark sexy-vibe (with minimal effort) and look stunning in a pair of glasses. Once the look is out of the way, the successful actress must be able to move like she was born to kick-butt.

We’ve taken a few names and would like to run them by our readers:

Kate Beckinsale as Bayonetta

Probably one of the strongest on this list, our first pick is Kate Beckingslae. If you’ve seen Underworld then you’ll know what we’re getting at, here. Kate has already shown us her ability to kick-butt on-screen (Underworld and Van Helsing), as well as look absolutely stunning in leather. While Underworld displayed her on-screen combat ability, Van Helsing made her acting skills and that all-important sex apeal, shine forth like a flare in Alan Wake.

Kate Beckinsale as bayonetta

Underworld displayed Kate Beckinsale's on-screen combat ability. She was a stunning Death-Dealer

We understand that with the short hair and contact lenses, you may not be able to see Kate as Bayonetta just yet…but wait till’ you see this:

Kate Beckinsale as bayonetta specs

Take this and blend it with the image above. See it now?

Uma Thurman as Bayonetta

Currently our other favourite for the part, Uma Thurman has also displayed superb on-screen combat ability. Kill Bill showed us what Uma Could do when her character seeks vengeance and Pulp Fiction, gave us a taste of a character with effortless sex appeal.

Uma Thurman as Bayonetta

Uma Thurman in The Avengers

As well as being a world-class actress, Uma has not only displayed awesome combat ability…but she looks damn hot in leather!

Uma Thurman as Bayonetta specs

Agian, take this image and combine it with the hot Avenger-look. A bit of hair dye and you have Bayonetta!

Liz Hurley as Bayonetta

Austin Powers gave us Liz Hurley in a cat-suit (for which many of us were thankful for). As soon as we set eyes on the desert eagle-bearing, leather-suited babe, we could instantly see Bayonetta. Her acting ability may not be as strong as other actresses on this list, but it’s developed over the years. Liz was perfect for her part in Bedazzled, which not only displayed her firm and authoritative acting ability, but showed us the daring and sexy side of Liz (in just about every kinky outfit under-the-sun and with a devilishly sexy attitude to match).

Elizabeth Hurley as Bayonetta

Liz sure looks stunning in a leather cat-suit

As well as her devilishly sex ways in Bedazzled, Liz already has the perfect voice for Bayonetta.

Liz Hurley as Bayonetta

Bedazzled and Austin Powers, helped Liz get on this list but could she pull-off the combat scenes?

Eva Mendes as Bayonetta

Eva certainly has the look and sex appeal for the part, but could she pull off the accent? Her part in The Spirit cried out “Bayonetta”, but it takes more than a cat-suit to pull the part off. Past movie-parts give us the impression Eva could do the job, but it’s just the voice we’re uncertain about. Don’t get us wrong here, we’re not saying Eva couldn’t (she’s a great actress) but we’ve never heard her play a similar sounding part.

Eva Mendes as Bayonetta

Could Eva Mendes kick-butt with her wicked weaves?

Let us know your thoughts on our short list? If you think we’ve missed the perfect actress, let us know via the comments below and we’ll add them to our list.