It seems Square have made the decision to halt the remake of Final Fantasy VII until the company produce a new Final Fantasy game of the same quality. While many of our heads dropped with this news, there was still some hope that Square could hit this goal sooner than expected.

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Square’s Next-Gen Final Fantasy VII Remake Is In Development!

final fantasy vii

We wouldn’t worry too much. We still see a FF7 remake hitting our PS4’s. Square may not have a choice…

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is STILL in development, but while the game was a no-show at E3, rumours are circulating that the game will be shown at TGS. We seriously hope so as now, not only will Final Fantasy Versus XIII determine how fans see the Final Fantasy brand, (after XIII and XIII-2) but it now could be responsible for a remake of our beloved Final Fantasy VII!

final fantasy versus viii

Our advice would be to ignore all rumours that Versus XIII has been cancelled and that a FF7 remake won’t happen. Both are simply crucial for the survival of Square

Two things still play on our minds from that statement released by Square. Firstly, that word “Quality”. If Square think the size of a Final Fantasy VII remake is far-fetched, does Versus XIII stand a chance of meeting their criteria? Secondly, Square also said that if they were to release a FF7 remake right now, the series would be “done for”. Has this more or less confirmed some predictions that Final Fantasy VII would be the last thing Square would commit to…a last-resort if the company were in dire straits? (similar to their situation during development of the original FF 6 and FF7).

You know what? We honestly think gamers should cheer-up. Why? Take a look:

– If Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a hit, we think it will meet the “quality” Square are demanding for a Final Fantasy VII remake


– If Final Fantasy Versus XIII falls flat on its butt cheeks, as far as we’re concerned, Square really WILL be in dire straits.  A Final Fantasy VII remake will be top of their to-do list!

Looks like a remake is just waiting to hit our PS4’s and next-gen XBOX’s :o)