Metal Gear Solid – HD Collection for PSVITA

metal gear solid hd collection psvita

MGS2 and MGS3 hit the PSVITA with HD looks, all bonus content and some cool PSVITA-only extras!

Every system has its must buy game but PSVITA owners have suddenly found themselves hitting the jackpot! Developed by Konami (and not being licensed-out to another developer…thank god!) Metal Gear Solid – HD Collection brings two of the most critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 games to the PSVITA…in remastered HD beauty!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance HD for PSVITA

metal gear solid 2 psvita

How about playing that awesome MGS2 ship level on the HD? HELLS YEAH!

The PS2 masterpiece (that was actually meant to be Kojima’s last) makes its way to your PSVITA and was the first Metal Gear Solid to shockingly leave Solid Snake on the sub bench! Play as Snake and Raiden with your jaw open in amazement, as you realise the opening stormy ship deck scene, is actually being played on your PSVITA…in HD!

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence HD for PSVITA

metal gear solid 3 psvita

The face paint, the hunt and those sneaky crocs now look better than ever, as the strategies of the great outdoors come to your PSVITA!

Arguably one of the best (if not THE best) Metal Gear Solid games of them all. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was huge, had you playing as Solid Snakes father (Big Boss) and introduced new survival gameplay mechanics, such as camouflage customisation and hunting. Guide Big Boss through one of largest and most tactical Metal Gear Solid games yet…in high definition!

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection PSVITA Features

So why buy this collection for your PSVITA? Well for a start, this is all in HD and running on a hand-held! But PSVITA has a few other cool things up its sleeve:

– Use the PSVITA’s rear touch pad to execute enimies with Snakes knife!

metal gear solid hd psvita

Use the PSVITA's touch screen to take a stealthy peek! Shhhhhhhh!

– Once snake is mounted against a wall, touch the main PSVITA screen and slide…Snake will peek out for a look!

– No more scrolling through menu boxes! Simply touch and hold over your equipment boxes (that will always be displayed on-screen) and slide to whatever item/weapon you need!

– Transfer saves between your PS3 and PSVITA! Play MGS2 or MGS3 while on the move, then once you’re back on the sofa, connect to your PS3 and continue where you left off…complete with all your existing trophies!

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection will be released for the PSVITA 29/06/2012. Not only is this an incredible collection of the best Metal Gear Solid games, with new PSVITA features…it will also be released with an irresistible £29.99 price tag!