Mousepads can become a burden if not designed or even used correctly. Gaming can become a chore and work ten times more difficult if your pad is moving as much as your mouse, or the surface prevents your mouse from sliding freely.

cheap mousepad

Cheap mousepads can lead to all kinds of trouble with work and gaming…

Speed Link are soon to release their latest mousepad – INVICTUS. This new mousepad design will help both gamer and IT professional, enabling the user to flip the core pad to better suit their game or workload.


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The INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad offers a main core design with two surfaces. One side is smooth and offers fast and accurate gliding, perfect for gaming. The other will offer a granular texture, perfect for work or games that require more precise movement.

invictus core gaming mousepad

Speed Link’s INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad has been designed for both hardcore gamers and IT professionals

The INVICTUS gaming mousepad will be available at the end of September. Keep it at D4G for more on the release and design of this impressive looking mousepad.