Retail flight simulation software will usually come bundled with generic, bland looking maps that can easily detach the player from a realistic flight simulation experience. Turbulent Designs specialise in enhancing player immersion by creating fully customised flight maps (or scenery add-ons) with highly detailed reconstructions of real-world locations.

turbulent flight sim helicopter

Turbulent create highly detailed flight sim add-on content that’s optimised for both high-end and budget gaming PC’s

Turbulent Designs was founded by ex SIM 720 employees. These designers knew they could give flight simulator gamers a much more detailed, smoother and overall more realistic experience, if they were able to produce and distribute maps and add-ons themselves.

turbulent model detail

Turbulent design for high resolution with full HD texturing. Vehicles, buildings and entire airports look photo-realistic and enhance the experience

Players can look forward to experiencing both fully customised areas and real-world locations with HD textures, HD ground poly and high resolution terrain mesh. Turbulent are also working hard to optimise all their products for both high-end and budget-gaming PC’s (we’d recommend buying the GTX 750Ti if you’re on a budget with a PC that has 3 yrs+ on the clock).

turbulent runway design

This may look like a photo but it’s actually one of Turbulent’s in-game airports! The level of detail and optimisation for several PC grades, is exceptional!

Turbulent Designs are currently developing many flight simulator projects for both Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X (FSX) and PrePar3D (P2Dv2). Expect these products to go live around the end of October this year.

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