The HUD is a fundamental aspect of the FPS but it seems to be getting more and more simplified with every new release. While many gamers believe that a more straightforward HUD leads to greater game immersion, many don’t want to abandon DOOM’s HUD roots.

doom 4 hud

Should id redesign the classic Doomguy face HUD?

This leads to the big question: Should DOOM 4 (or future DOOM releases) reintroduce Doomguy’s face on the HUD?

If you look back at the design and detail used in DOOM and DOOM 2, you’ll notice that multiple expressions were designed for every health state (e.g. a weapon pick-up grin in good health and a bloodied pick-up grin near death). Imagine what could be done with today’s technology?

doom 4 hud faces

A modernised Doomguy face-HUD could not only work with gameplay and set-piece play, but allow us to once again see Doomguy’s minigun pick-up delight

We’re all familiar with ‘weapon idle animations’ and ‘player idol quotes’. What if these were carried over to the HUD? Extra Doomguy HUD-facial animations could be used for idol situations, secret locations, enemy scenarios or even story-driven developments.

Should id enhance that classic retro HUD or simplify it, like all the rest?

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