The hulking mass that is Mr Shakedown, will eventually block Kazuma’s path, demanding all the money you carry (or he’ll beat it out of you). Of course, Kazuma tells this gigantic mass of thug, exactly where he can stick his gym pass! This first meeting with Mr Shakedown, will lead to an unavoidable street brawl. Don’t worry, there is a save point near this encounter, so if you’ve yet to meet this guy, just be sure to save at every phone booth you come across.


Use our tips to overcome Mr Shakedown’s ambush and use him as your own personal piggy bank!

Inventory and phone booths

Phone booths mean health (read our Yakuza 0 Fighting Tips for advice on how to get the most from these). When you do eventually run into Mr Shakedown, make sure you inventory is full of life bar-filling goodies (Sushi and Bento Boxes are a must). Mr Shakedown will perform devastating throws and stomps if he grabs you, so prepare to be accessing your inventory a lot!

The best style for fighting Mr Shakedown

Mr Shakedown is pretty slow off the mark, so you should immediately have Kazuma in Rush. Being as Mr Shakedown’s throws are so powerful, you simply can’t afford for this brute to grab you. Keep using Rush to evade grapples and charges. At first, evade and storm in for attack with Rush. Once you feel more comfortable, quickly switch to Brawler (once you see Mr Shakedown stagger or stunned) to deliver more punishing blows. One you’ve delivered a few, switch back to Rush and get your ass out of Mr Shakedown’s grapple zone! Keep using these two crucial styles and you’ll save Kazuma’s wallet, ready for your next investment.

Weapons against Mr Shakedown

Many players may recommend weapons when up against Mr Shakedown. This is due to exposing the heat advantage (executing a heat move with a weapon, will cancel-out an attack from Mr Shakedown), but I personally found this to make the fight a little dull and repetitive. If you’re still having issues with the hand-to-hand tactics above, by all means, use this advantage. I however, prefer to make Kazuma proud and beat Mr Shakedown to a pulp, with nothing but knuckle, knee and shoe polish!


After the first encounter, you’ll be able to avoid Mr Shakedown altogether. Use his current fund counter to determine if he’s worth the effort, then lure him to the perfect area, to tip the battle odds in your favour!

Fighting area

Your first encounter will be restricted to the area in which Mr Shakedown ambushes you. However, once you’ve used our tips to save your cash from the first encounter, your next encounters will be up to you. Yup, with a keen eye, you’ll be able to see Mr Shakedown patrolling the streets, well in time before he spots you. The cleaver player will either totally avoid him or (if you’re well prepared and in need of quick cash) will catch his eye and lead him to a well spaced area (don’t EVER take Mr Shakedown on in an alley!).

Shrine Upgrades

Want to creep past Mr Shakedown while he sleeps? Head to your nearest Shrine. These are usually located around the centre of the map and will always be accompanied by a guy in a white suit, wearing a mask (he’ll also give you lots of free DLC goodies).

Shrines will take any CP you have (completion points for successful missions) and convert them for upgrades. One of which, offers the chance for Mr Shakedown to be sleeping at his current ambush point. You can even go up to him and steal money as he sleeps! Careful, though. He will wake up if you steal too much, so we’d only recommend doing this when you’re prepared to take him on, just in case.

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