Have you ever wished for a side-scrolling action game with a little more depth? Based on the producers pet dog, Buck is set in the very hostile and mysterious Cordova desert. However, Buck is no ordinary dog, he’s a gun-wielding, bandit-hunting, badass that’s out on a violent quest for his girl, who mysteriously disappeared around this dark and deadly wasteland.

Buck indie 2d shooter

Buck in search of girl = Wasteland bandits in search of nearest hospital

Developed by Wave Interactive Games Studio, Buck is a 2D side-scroller that uses lush hand-drawn art that almost gives off a Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us vibe. Buck can use a lethal combination of hand-to-hand combat and firearms to pull-off devastating combinations.

buck gun combat

Buck is pretty handy with his fists, knees, feet and also anything else that has a trigger mechanism

Four things really stood out to us with Buck. Art-style, combat, RPG-like upgrades and NPC player-choice interaction. You’ll not only be able to interact with NPC’s along the way, you’ll also be able to choose what Buck says and how he reacts in conversation. If things go bad, Buck’s pretty handy with a spanner…upgrade those weapons and let the gunpowder do the talking.

buck weapons

Upgrade damage, ammo capacity and much more

Buck will offer:

– A 2D side-scrolling action adventure
– A detailed and cinematic narrative
– Hand-to-hand and gun combat with mixed combinations
– RPG weapon upgrades to suit individual player style
– Player-choice NPC interaction
– Non-linier story with quests that can be completed in any order around the world

Wave Interactive Games Studios currently have Buck on Kickstarter.¬†They’re after funding for new assets to add more levels and build on the combat abilities of Buck.

buck development

Wave Interactive have done a fantastic job so far but still need your help to add additional levels and enhanced combat

With gorgeous visuals and much more depth than your standard 2D shooter, Buck is looking very promising. Be sure to head to their Kickstarter page and help in any way you can.