Nintendo started what is pretty much the games industry we know and love today. A small living room-friendly console, a more comfortable control pad, wireless game linking, the thumbstick controller and now motion sensor technology. ALL of this came from Nintendo.

There is no doubt that Nintendo shaped the games industry…but what now? After the Wii U’s poor performance, Nintendo president – Satoru Iwata, said that the company needs to create new hardware for new emerging markets. So, with the official word that Nintendo’s world-class R&D departments are hard at work, we think it’s time to go over just what the father of video games can do to get back into the black.

A Nintendo Smartphone

nintendo mobile

Sony tried but they’re not Nintendo. Wouldn’t a mobile device also designed to play every retro Nintendo game, be a license to print money?

Although Nintendo announced that the Mario Kart 8 Companion App wouldn’t mean a Nintendo smart phone, don’t count Ninty out of this market just yet. While we know Nintendo can make an absolute killing developing games for other mobile platforms, just think of what it would be like if Nintendo released their own mobile phone, built to play NES, SNES, N64 and new mobile games?

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A New Handheld Console

nintendo new handheld

The DS series is already the market leader in handhelds. Could Nintendo be going in for the kill?

Could Nintendo have yet another handheld console up their sleeve? The 3DS always sells and the 2DS proved very popular over the Christmas period. Has this told Ninty where to keep their investments? Could they be developing a more powerful hand-held that can rival the PS Vita? With Nintendo aware of their handheld strengths, could they completely drop-out of the living room console market and stick purely to a more powerful handheld console?

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nintendo new home console

Is this finally the time for Nintendo to go all-out on hardware and lead once again in the next-gen games market?

Although this would be the most unlikely move for Nintendo, (sob) what if they put everything into an Ultra-Ninty CPU, GPU and RAM-packing super console? This new platform would have the power to leave the Xbox One and PS4 standing and it would simply be up to Nintendo to add current ‘all-in-one’ media features. They were once the graphical forefront with the NES and N64. What if Nintendo came out with all guns blazing once again?

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