Nintendo are geniuses when it comes to the handheld console. From the original Gameboy to the touch screen DS series, Nintendo have been market leaders in portable gaming technology. But that’s just it…’portable’. So, what if Nintendo created a gaming smartphone?

nintendo smartphone

Nintendo are the masters of handheld. Does this mean Nintendo were destined to create the worlds greatest gaming smartphone?

Nintendo Smartphone Games

Here is where the mobile gaming competition start to shake in their boots. Nintendo could simply use their existing retro library to kick-start their Smartphone. All NES, SNES and N64 games could be fully playable on the mobile device. Add new Nintendo mobile games to this, and you have what is possibly the best gaming mobile phone, ever created!

The Design of the Nintendo Smartphone

Nintendo games require a pad, so pure touch screen controls just won’t do. Ninty would need to create a phone with built-in controllers, retractable controllers or a controller attachment. Although the retractable approach could make the phone too thick and less portable, (Sony Xperia Play) the built-in design could prove to be the best method for Nintendo. Look at the 3DS. That circular analogue pad is just itching to be placed onto a Nintendo smartphone!

Existing Nintendo Handheld Console Games

ds cart nintendo smartphone

If you had to choose, would you pick a DS cart or a Micro SD slot?

Could Nintendo even opt to utilise older game cartridges? If they ever did, it would have to be the original DS carts. These would be small enough to easily build into the Nintendo smartphone’s design and give gamers the opportunity to play their old library of games (because by now, there’s a good chance original DS consoles are either lost or broken in some way).

The Nintendo Smartphone OS

At the moment, the leading mobile operating systems would have to be iOS and Android. We honestly couldn’t see Nintendo going with either, so they’d have to develop their own. This would obviously be for the best as it could also enable 3DS and Wii U connectivity. Nintendo could even make it so existing Virtual Console purchases could be downloaded and played on the Nintendo smartphone. A major deal-maker in itself.

With 3DS sales halved (in comparison to the original DS console sales) due to the mobile game craze, Nintendo would seriously be missing out if they turned their back on the smartphone market. What do you think? Let us (and Mr Iwata) know by adding your comments below.

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