The art of fighting is the essence of a Yakuza game and with Yakuza 0 offering multiple fight styles, it’s something you’ll need to take full advantage of. Below you’ll find fighting styles for each character and a quick guide on when to use them:

Kazuma Kiryu

Brawler – Kazuma’s default (and most brutal) fighting style. When there are 1-3 average foes, this is the best style to use for its good balance in defence and attack.


Heat finishers are life-saving in Yakuza 0. Never be too tempted to reserve them as you’ll only lose them, once hit. Make them pay and unleash hell!

D4G Tip: Not only can you press triangle when grappling next to walls and obstacles (unleashing brutal finishers) but you can also perform finishers while holding street weapons. Watch your enemy flip-over in pain as you crack-down on them with a high street sign!

Rush – This fight style is all about evasion. When Kazuma faces much larger and tougher enemies, Rush is always the best style to use. Enemies will not only find it harder to land attacks on Kazuma Kiryu while in this style, but it’s also perfect in allowing Kazuma to sit-back and measure a tough enemies abilities, before going in for the kill!

D4G Tip: Rush is the perfect fight style to combo with another! Kazuma can use Rush to evade and fast-counter larger and tougher enemies, to then quickly switch to Brawler style, to take advantage of the gained heat and unleash devastating special moves!

Beast – A very slow but powerful fighting style. Beast will give Kazuma great power to take on multiple enemies, but at a great cost of speed. Beast is best used when outnumbered by average enemies, where heaps of street weapons await (boxes, bikes, signs and posts). A simple touch of the square button will have Kazuma swinging obstacles in all directions!

D4G Tip: Once you have full heat, enter a regular battle with Beast and hit triangle. Kazuma should be able to take-out every enemy with one monstrous move!


Goro Majima

Thug – Goro’s default fighting style that offers brutal finishing techniques, as well as some very cool counter-finishers. This also has a very good balance of speed and power.

D4G Tip: Just like Kazuma, Goro can also use special finishers when next to walls and edges (even using them at bridge-sides to knock enemies over and into the water, instantly eliminating them from battle!). Goro can also perform devastating finishers when carrying street objects.

Slugger – This brutal fight style is perfect for when greatly outnumbered or facing larger and tougher enemies. The finishing moves are devastating and you’ll be surprised at just how fast Goro can evade, while in this style!


The Slugger style is so useful, Goro will never need look at another weapon. Once you find yourself heavily out-numbered, it’s time to go for the home run!

D4G Tip: While Kazuma can take advantage of Brawler and Rush combinations, Goro’s Slugger can offer powerful attacks, fast evasion, counter attacks and brutal finishers, making it the ultimate style for harder enemies!

Breaker – Goro Majima’s take on street dancing. This fast and unpredictable style, allows Goro to surprise his enemies with fast and unorthodox forms of attack. While this may not exactly look ‘Yakuza’, successfully striking poses throughout, can produce devastating attacks!

Inventory Tip: Yakuza’s battle areas may only be within town centres, but you’ll still find yourself in as many scraps than Cloud Strife, running across a world map! Preparation is key, so use those convenience stores to fill your entire inventory with expensive, heath-filling food. Once fully stocked, head straight to your nearest phone booth and stash everything! Double-time it back to the nearest store and restock at least 50% of your inventory with food. Congratulations, you’ve now made yourself an emergency health stash, accessible at every available phone booth!