Here are some basic tips to help you become a better WWE Supercard player. These pointers will help you choose the best fights for your deck, give advice on how to use your cards in battle and give you a better understanding on training your cards.

Player Selection

Always strive to choose a player with less wins and more losses than you. If your screen is full of players that out-rank you on these stats, simply go for whoever has more losses. This will give you a much better chance of success and a better post-fight selection of those precious cards!

wwe supercard champions

There’s a lot of strategy in WWE Supercard. Even before the card battles take place

Did you know?

Many players are unaware of this, but you don’t actually battle other players online in real-time. You simply play their decks (ever wondered why you always choose a player but no one ever chooses you?). This is actually a stroke of genius by developer Cat Daddy as it eliminates player-to-player connection times, lag and more importantly, that idiot player who likes to disconnect just before they loose the match!

Choosing players with lower wins and more losses is common sense in WWE Supercard. It’s not frowned upon because players can only effect their own stats (e.g. if you beat an opponent, it doesn’t ad to their ‘LOSSES’).

Use opponent WWE Supercard Champions to help plan your strategy

When selecting who to fight, you’ll notice that you and every other player will get to choose their ‘champion’. Whoever you choose will represent your player profile. Use this to your advantage!

For example, you only have a common Diva card but notice a player who is using an uncommon or rare card as their ‘Champion’. Before selecting them, you now know that using any kind of support card in a divas match is a complete waste of time (they’ll beat you hands-down). Instead, only use your support cards for solo and/or tag team matches.

Tag Teams

wwe supercard tag teams

Poorly paired tag teams are the main reason for giving away a match. Select your tag teams wisely and gain an instant advantage!

You may notice that each WWE Supercard will have a coloured arrow to its left. It’s crucial that you pair a tag team correctly or you could lose stat points mid-battle!


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To pair your tag teams effectively, use two WWE Supercards that are of same colour but point in different directions (so if they were put together they would form a diamond). This will give you an essential stat boost mid-battle. You’ll be surprised how many experienced players either don’t know this or totally ignore it for the sake of two rarer cards. Don’t be fooled. A rookie mistake like that can cost you the match!

Training your WWE Supercards

One of the most addictive, rewarding and essential aspects of WWE Supercard is its RPG training system. This allows you to take cards you don’t need and use them to train your best ones!

You’ll notice a level bar to the left of each card. This will rise and level-up as you add XP. The rarer the card you use to train, the more XP you’ll receive.

wwe supercard training

Train those WWE Supercards! Use your weaker cards to give your main deck the boost it needs to rack-up those wins!

Card training caution

Use caution when training your WWE Supercards. First, make sure you don’t use and lose duplicate cards you could combine (more on that later) and secondly, remember that the final level of each card won’t need levelling-up in order to reach its peak!

An example of this would be a card that has 20 levels. You work to use multiple cards to train it up to level 19 but as soon as you’ve peaked that level, the final one (20) automatically fully levels-up for you. Remember this and you won’t lose cards unnecessarily (as extra cards you use to train will still get swallowed up!).

We hope this helps you become a better WWE Supercard player. Keep it at D4G for more advanced tips.