WWE Supercard Feedback

WWE Supercard Feedback

Mobile game developer Cat Daddy have been reading player feedback from their latest mobile platform release – WWE Supercard. Gamers will have seen a notice appear at the games front-end, letting them know that gamer feedback has been received and announcements will follow.


Look out for new WWE Supercard updates from Cat Daddy

WWE Supercard Network

Many gamers have experienced network issues when trying to find a game or while selecting new cards. 2K Games have already released an update for this but many gamers experienced a loss in stats and even cards.

Cat Daddy and 2K Games are now aware of this issue, so this shouldn’t affect future updates.

wwe supercard network

Although we hardly ran into issues, we did have a couple of connection problems when selecting new cards. Cat Daddy are aware of these issues and are already releasing updates

D4G Tip: Once 2K Games announce an update (usually 24hrs beforehand) make sure you play Exhibition mode until you’ve stocked up on common and/or uncommon cards. Once you have a nice buffer of these (without any recent higher-level cards) only your lower level cards will disappear if that update bug strikes again. We very much doubt it will as 2K Games and Cat Daddy are aware of this but better safe than sorry.


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D4G Feedback

We’re really enjoying the game (find out why you should play WWE Supercard) but I found myself really wanting something extra while playing WWE Supercard alongside my girlfriend (when she’s not playing Farmville 2). I really wanted to gift her one of my WWE Supercards but of course, the devs would never make money if people could simply send cards to their friends…but what about paying for the ability to do so?

The cost of one card purchase (50 credits) sounds like a fair starting point. 100 credits could allow you to gift-send any card above uncommon. This way, you can still send a friend a card they’re after (or in my gf’s case, any Rock, Reigns, Cena or Bad News Barret cards) and the devs will still make some money for their hard work.

What other things would you like to see added to WWE Supercard? Hit the comments section and leave your feedback.

Please note: This post is for gamer feedback for improvements to the game. Any technical issues/bugs (eg. loss of cards/account details or name changes) should be directed here.

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147 Responsesto “WWE Supercard Feedback”

  1. Pyciu says:

    Ai want to change me name

  2. Justin says:

    Hey my Name is Justin Can you please Change my Name to ScarFace i am wn33++ i have a wm33 Undertaker at Champ and i have 32740 matches and i have a Team FairPlay we are wm33++ 10/10

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want my name change Atombombe

  4. mafia says:

    Plz I wanna change my name to Broken Mafia

  5. Kalisto says:

    I was trying to buy an male ultimate and the game crashed and I don’t have any new cards

  6. Showtime rod says:

    I had all my good cards on local save but when I went to login it wouldn’t let me I don’t want to start over what can I do

  7. mafia says:

    I want change my name to Broken Mafia

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wanna change my profile name my name is mafia and I wanna change 2 Broken mafia plz:)

  9. Xabian says:

    As I was buying draft picks the game glitches out and bought me two Hardened Jericho and one summer slam shamus, any way of fixing this and is there any way of getting my contracts back?

  10. Ivan says:

    So will I be getting my contracts back, please reply and I know it all seems like a lie, so is there any way I can prove I really did lose contracts and didn’t receive the reward?

  11. Chris Crazy says:

    I’m on a team but it says that I’m not on it and whenever I try to leave it says error leaving team and whenever the person who owns the team it says error disbanding team.

  12. Ivan says:

    My IGN is Ivan I just tried to buy 8945 contracts Alexa Bliss card and I didn’t get that, just like how I didn’t get my 22800 contracts Undertaker card, please can I get the cards or the contracts back

  13. Ivan says:

    I had 30000+ contracts and I tried using 22800 to buy Undertaker, lost all 22800 contracts and didn’t get Undertaker

  14. enes says:

    my name is murathan

    but i would like it to be XKingEnes

  15. Marcus says:

    my game name for supercard is Marcus$ as i forgot to mention in my last comment

  16. Kirito says:

    I cannot play the events or even edit my deck in anything, could you please fix this bug

  17. Ryan Millard says:

    My game will not update!

  18. Dominik Cooper says:

    wwe supercard may I get my season 1 cards back

  19. In the season 2 sheamus vs ceasaro pcc i bought 75 point doublers only got to use 15 of them before the game took them away might i have 600 credits back please

  20. Anonymous says:

    I worked my ass of on all my events and it got rid of my good account which was hd and my team is now ultimate and u decide to get rid of my account called puffybradleyhobnob its unfair

  21. I scanned the qr code for the Le undertaker and it said it scanned but it never loaded and I also did a pack opining it was a elite to a ultimate and it gave me a hardened card

  22. Yarin says:

    My gamer name on wwe supercard is Yarin

    My Alexa bliss ultimate disappeared and even my ultimate Carmella I worked hard for the and I want them back thank you.

    My 2k ticket is #2038185 WWE-XXXXXX

  23. Itz1994 says:

    I can not log in in my google play Account

  24. Kingsam786 says:

    Please could I fix this bug whenever I try to click pn a player the profile doesn’t show sometimes it says waiting on network or player info not found please could you fix this as quick as you can because I want to inv people so they can join my team.

  25. Kingmeh786 says:

    My team FINN BALOR doesn’t show me and I’m the owner and when I click on my self it says player info not found plz could u fix that btw my team tier at the moment is ss++ and a pic of wm Finn balor

  26. Dominic Kroes says:

    The update of 12/20/16 took away my whole deck and made me restart fresh. I lost wm Roman Reigns, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Ultimate Warrior. My team name is the Auge Team and my profile is DomInic with the picture of legendary Bayley

  27. I need my season 1 cards back. My name on WWE SuperCard is Pistol P.E.T.E

    Survivor fusion pro dean Ambrose
    Survivor pro stone cold
    Survivor pro the rock
    Legendary fusion pro bray Wyatt
    Wrestle mania stardust

    Thank you I hope I get my cards back

  28. Tae says:

    Um when I try to watch a video for free bouts it doesn’t give me a free bout FIX THIS NOOOOOOOW PLZ :)

  29. Albert152 says:

    May I please have my season 1 cards back

  30. Chad yoshioka says:

    Hey man I purchased $700 worth and I got nothing in credits. What’s going on?

  31. CAH1230 says:

    I need wm diva card ss and harden card

  32. TRIPLE H says:

    my smack down diva and sumer slam diva pros a gone plz give it back

  33. TRIPLE H says:

    plz i played every day of my life this game i had 1 pro sv nikki and 1 wm pro becy now by mistake my smaller brother used it to train a summer slam card and a hrdend

  34. TRIPLE H says:

    I got both goldberg from mony in the bank and i mistakenly used it to train my stone cold wm and i want it back plz

  35. Jack says:

    Can I get an elite Seth Rollins

  36. Hussain says:

    I got a support for my freebie, please fix!

  37. Hussain says:

    I got a support for my freebie, please fix!

  38. Jack says:

    So yesterday I was play Supercard and I looked at my cards and I saw that my elite Brock Lesnar had just disappear so can you please help me

  39. Deany*11 says:

    Its not giving me my login bonus roman reigns it made me go back down to the 4th day a its not giving my ultra rare freeby

  40. Jack sleeth says:

    Can I get back my Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns elite cards back

  41. Jack sleeth says:

    So I had a Brock Lesnar and a Roman Reigns elite cards and I logged in to the game and they were not there and I wasn’t really happy so can you please fix this problem thank you

  42. Jack sleeth says:

    I did a glitch and then it is saying that I am locked out of my account and cannot get back in so please help me.

  43. Harry says:

    Can I have my season 1 wrestlemanias back please

  44. preston says:

    can i get my season1 card back

  45. Callum says:

    I have played the game every day and yesterday there was an update and it took my wm Alisha fox and my ss sammy zayn fusion chamber card and it also set me back 4 days so now I can’t get wm Roman reigns pro on the 28th day so now I’m pissed can u plz give me Alisha fix back and sammy zayn or if not sammy zayn ss and u give me a free roman reigns wm plz

  46. Anonymous says:

    I cannot get my season 2 cards back

  47. Kap21 says:

    Can I get my season 1 cards back

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