WWE Supercard Feedback

WWE Supercard Feedback

Mobile game developer Cat Daddy have been reading player feedback from their latest mobile platform release – WWE Supercard. Gamers will have seen a notice appear at the games front-end, letting them know that gamer feedback has been received and announcements will follow.


Look out for new WWE Supercard updates from Cat Daddy

WWE Supercard Network

Many gamers have experienced network issues when trying to find a game or while selecting new cards. 2K Games have already released an update for this but many gamers experienced a loss in stats and even cards.

Cat Daddy and 2K Games are now aware of this issue, so this shouldn’t affect future updates.

wwe supercard network

Although we hardly ran into issues, we did have a couple of connection problems when selecting new cards. Cat Daddy are aware of these issues and are already releasing updates

D4G Tip: Once 2K Games announce an update (usually 24hrs beforehand) make sure you play Exhibition mode until you’ve stocked up on common and/or uncommon cards. Once you have a nice buffer of these (without any recent higher-level cards) only your lower level cards will disappear if that update bug strikes again. We very much doubt it will as 2K Games and Cat Daddy are aware of this but better safe than sorry.


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D4G Feedback

We’re really enjoying the game (find out why you should play WWE Supercard) but I found myself really wanting something extra while playing WWE Supercard alongside my girlfriend (when she’s not playing Farmville 2). I really wanted to gift her one of my WWE Supercards but of course, the devs would never make money if people could simply send cards to their friends…but what about paying for the ability to do so?

The cost of one card purchase (50 credits) sounds like a fair starting point. 100 credits could allow you to gift-send any card above uncommon. This way, you can still send a friend a card they’re after (or in my gf’s case, any Rock, Reigns, Cena or Bad News Barret cards) and the devs will still make some money for their hard work.

What other things would you like to see added to WWE Supercard? Hit the comments section and leave your feedback.

Please note: This post is for gamer feedback for improvements to the game. Any technical issues/bugs (eg. loss of cards/account details or name changes) should be directed here.

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166 Responsesto “WWE Supercard Feedback”

  1. Jpl050508 says:

    I had a Seth Rollins ultimate Dolph Ziegler elite goldust harden and xzaver woods harden

  2. Faris says:

    Has anyone got a messed up king of the ring because mine has. Every time I try to collect my king of the ring rewards it kicks me out the game and does not let me start another king of the ring

  3. Anonymous says:

    My free bouts have been locked

  4. Chloe says:

    So I’m not happy with the game. Season 4 just came out and it’s great, they came out with this thing we’re you complete challenges and you earn tickets. So earlier today I had 29 tickets so decided to buy the 25 ticket pack and once I bought it it went through but I had to go so I got out of the game for a few minutes and then I went back in and it had taken my tickets but didn’t give me any cards now I’m left with four tickets and no cards from it, is there any way to get my tickets back? :(

  5. Mason says:

    Hi, I drew a second Curt Hawkins and my first has just went away. I’ve never seen this happen an I should have another pro 17. My account is named Mason and I am Summerslam 17 +. I have about 41,000 games played and my profile pic is zombie Jeff Hardy. I have pics of both times I pulled them and one is from Ring Domination and the other from the lastest team ring domination with Becky. I know I didn’t get rid of it guys. Please. I need that pro. I need to be as close to beast teir when it drops tomorrow. You guys have a great game I have spent money on, all I want is a Curt Hawkins pro of all people but thats what a flipping pulled.

  6. Mason says:

    I just pulled a second Curt Hawkins but my first is gone. Idk how I did not get rid of him. Can u somehow get it back or something. I need that pro man I have a picture of both pulls, if that is needed

  7. RyanBaldry says:

    My account logged out with the new update and I can’t get it back I know the name and team name

  8. Anonymous says:

    With the new update my account logged out and I can’t get it back I have spent so much time on it.

  9. George says:

    I need season 1 cards back

  10. Awesome says:

    I want my wwe SuperCard 1 cards back please

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t log in to my account Alan rank hardened ++

    Help me please

  12. HilerYaro says:

    I combine two hardened roman reigns to make a pro, but when I maxed the level the stats were around 5000-6000

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been having some trouble logging into my account named ruby with a legendary ++ as my rank.it all happend after this update so if you could help me log back in that would be highly appreciated.

  14. Triston Sears says:

    I would like to hv my season 1 card back plzzz if u can

  15. D4GAndy says:

    Thanks for your comments and I’m sorry to hear that you lost your account. While our post is for gamer feedback to help the devs improve/add to the game, I’m afraid we’re unable to help with bug issues/fixes. I’d recommend passing these directly onto the games developer Cat Daddy.

    Thanks and I hope you get that resolved soon.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi I lost my account can you help me find it I know what my name is on it and what team name I’m on be really helpful if you can help me

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