How do you watch WWE? Do you watch it via cable or satellite subscriptions, via stream, Playstation Network or even Xbox Live’s own WWE channel?

OK, so what if you’re in the UK? = Can’t play in your region

WWE on Xbox Live = No such Xbox Channel/app exists

WWE on PSN = Nothing. You’d be lucky to see a film from WWE studios

Of course, you can view by cable and satellite in the UK but the options have shrunk dramatically. WWE on the US PSN offers a HUGE collection of PPV, WWE compilation DVD’s and almost ALL episodes of Smackdown and RAW! (yes, right up to the current episode).

wwe smackdown syfy

WWE made the move to SyFy but can it make the leap to the UK PSN and Xbox Live?

Here’s the thing, if a company wish to steer viewers/players/listeners away from piracy as much as possible, they need to focus on one thing…ease of accessibility. iTunes did it with the MP3, Love Film and Netflix have done the same with the amazing PS3 and 360 streaming apps and even Google Play now offer great prices on the latest music and films. Put simply, if the legitimate way is stupidly easy and fairly priced, the illegal way just seems like a complete waste of time.

Smackdown and Raw at £1.50 – £3.00 per episode seems like a great deal to fans. Even PPV events where you not only buy the full event but even pay a small amount for each individual wrestling match (yup, the US have this too) would be amazing to UK fans.

What do you think? Want to have easy access to everything that’s WWE on Xbox Live and PSN? Hit the comments below and let them know!